Did he just call our Gods…children?

The Great Intergalactic society houses tens of civilizations, each extremely developed in a certain way, each following the lead of their rulers, their “Gods”.
These entities reached such a level of existence that they aren’t mortal anymore, and they wish to lead their respective races, their people to greatness.
They waged wars, each civilization trying to be the supreme one.
Of course, there were alliances, but still the goal of each civilization was the same: to be the first.
Their leaders on the other hand, never actively  interfered.
They were good leaders, and rulers.
They had amazing policies, and the happiness, health, intelligence, and strength of their people was constantly growing.
Their financial, social, militaristic and public approaches were all completely different, yet yielding almost the same results.
Unity amongst their people increased, and desire for betterment and development has become a widespread universal need.
And thus, many heroes were birthed in these civilizations.
Soldiers, generals, tacticians, politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, artists and many more.
All great prodigies, easily being able to etch their names into the annals of history.
And yet…
They were all dwarfed by their leaders.
They were yet all but pupils of the leaders.
And yet…
And yet the leaders never acted.
Until one of  them did, and it was horrifying.
A battlefield housing hundreds of millions of combatants, became a field of death, a wasteland of no life, in the matter of minutes.
His presence changed the laws of physics in the area.
A movement simply erased his enemies from existence.
Before the others could move and stop him, he already did more than the previous thousand years of wars did.
From there-on, he was stopped from ever acting again, yet his civilization gained the upper-hand.
The other leaders started to become more and more pro-active, and the already terrifying intergalactic wars become worse.
Carnage and aimless slaughter ran rampant.
Without the firm standing of the leaders, the criminals of each civilization gained courage.
It was a dark age.
It is a dark age.
But now, a voice was heard.
“Oh, children, you seem to have forgotten my teaching.
Meet me at the centre of the universe, I need to re-do my lessons, seemingly.”
The voice said, with extreme warmth, kindness and patience.
The civilizations all heard them, from the greatest general to the smallest peasant.
From the galactic whales to the smallest organism.
And all felt…happiness, comfort, security.
All but the leaders.
They shivering stopped their meetings, and met-up, all heading towards the same direction.
This in the other hand stupefied all those in the know.
And all had the same question running through their minds.
“Did the voice just call…call our Gods… children?”
They didn’t know that the voice belonged to The Teacher.
An entity of mysterious origins, whom enjoys nothing more than grooming talents, and seeing their potential blossom.
Yet…he also absolutely abhors violence, and killings, since so many talents die because of that.
And now, the leaders are in for a lecture of a lifetime, due to them ignoring His teachings…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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