Don’t underestimate my ability to find books

Whether I wanted or not to believe it…
I won a trip around the world.
How the hell did I win it when I haven’t registered into any contest?
I don’t know.
Nor do I care.
I was a librarian, even a trip to a neighbouring country was a pipe dream, so I don’t mind the weirdness of this god-given gift.
Sadly, I knew too much.
I knew there were certain elements on this planet, that despite thinks that nothing supernatural actually exists, it is so wrong.
I mean, come on, some books literally talk about proper rituals, and if you manage to translate them into actions of nowadays means, they work.
All that talk about blood, and dance, and runes and whatnot needs to be tweaked, and then it works.
So, I was waiting.
Waiting for something to pop out.
And I was right.
As I was travelling from one province to another in China, a random dude appeared next to me, on the train.
I sighed.
“Good traveller, I have a bet for thee.”
He said.
I chuckled.
“Dude, just say it, I couldn’t refuse even if I wanted.
After all, this trip is for the sake of gaining something from me.”
I said.
The man, who was all smiles until now, stopped smiling for a second, before laughing.
“I like mortals that know their place.
Very well.
There are ten books on this list.
For each one you find, you gain a century of lifespan, for each you don’t find, you lose 10% of your soul.
You have a decade.
If you find all of them, good for you.
If you want just a few, don’t worry, the percentages of your soul will be mine, after the centuries have passed.
Quite a generous deal.”
He said, giving me a list of books with names I couldn’t even begin to read.
“Hoh, my soul must be hella special.
You are willing to wait so long.
Yeah, sure, I agree.”
I said.
Shaking hands, he chuckled.
“You are quite decisive.”
He said.
“Well, you are so kind, of course I have to agree.”
I said.
He raised an eyebrow.
“Well, three books out of the ten are here in China, so it will be a good start.”
I said.
“You know they are in China…
But your thoughts indicated you can’t even read their titles.”
He smiled.
“I can’t read their titles from the get-go, but I recognise some characters.
The first three have some resemblance to Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan, and some older forms of writing.
I just guessed they will be here, but you confirmed it, so thanks again.”
I said, chuckling, ready to leave, since I was at my destination.
“Good luck, though I doubt you will find them all…”
He said, looking at me.
“Don’t underestimate my ability to find books, supernatural entity.
After all, the library I work at…was fully stacked with books I found.”
I said, leaving the train.
Thus I started my journey, one that I would truly enjoy…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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