At least once…let me use it myself!

Taking a nap under the shade of a tree, is such a wonderful thing to do.
Ignoring the annoying remarks, and disdainful remarks around me on the other hand…
It’s bothersome.
I was in the best magic academy of the universe, and yet everybody made fun of me.
Because I was the weakest.
Which, was quite wrong.
After all, the academy was created by me.
Well, at least the pocket dimension it was built in.
Also, I was quite…immortal?
If this was true, why was I in an academy?
Because I really needed to learn to use magic.
Because albeit I did create planets.
I did create pocket dimensions.
I did slay countless evil deities.
I never did it actively?
Would that be the correct word?
Yeah, actively, or maybe consciously.
When invaders first appeared in our universe, my body instantly reacted, and created this pocket dimension.
The leaders of the great forces realised its use, and established the academy.
It was better to grow our forces, than to rely on a greater power.
At least that’s what they thought.
Then, when people with insane talents and gifts were in danger, my body instantly saved them, killing foreign gods, devils and ill doers.
When a planet that had great potential was dying, “I” would revitalise it.
When a force tries to betray our universe, “I” eradicate them.
When things get too tough for the citizens of this universe…
“I” make it easier on them.
They called me “guardian god.”
The entirety of the universe does so even today.
Yet here I am, mocked because I am completely unable to learn the easiest of spells.
Come on!
I know what I am, and I know that I am omnipotent in this universe.
But at least once…
At least once, let me use my powers myself!
It is getting frustrating, yet I could do nothing.
And even as I was lamenting about my fate, I could feel…
I could feel my body reacting, and using its powers to raise geniuses, save future talents, pave the way for our universe for a better future.
And yet, all I could do is sit and watch, and try to learn, and hope…
Hope that one day I can consciously act, and use my powers…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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