Tournament for our future

As I walked the myriad coloured, constantly changing streets, I looked up.
“770 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes until the next tournament.”
Bright letters floated in many languages in the skies, as stars.
I sighed, and went on with my life.
I had to train.
Well, not exactly life, since I was already dead.
I was…”living” around these parts.
In this great nothingness.
Well, it is called Nothingness, but actually is everything taken to the extreme.
Here all religions, beliefs collide, and here the souls wait.
Wait for the tournament.
The tournament of Fate.
Every three thousand years, there is a tournament, where the souls can fight the reapers whom collected them.
If we win, we can choose our afterlife destination.
If we lose, our memories, personalities are erased, well…actually, they are collected, and used as reward for the reapers.
They are a great source of energy.
If a soul is lucky, they will have 3 millennia to train for this tournament.
It its unlucky, well, maybe but a few weeks.
If you die within 3 weeks before the tournament, you are exempted from participation, albeit if you want to, you can still register for it.
And as for me…
I have been here for 14 thousand years.
Well, I think so, time passes weirdly around these parts.
Well, I participated in 4 Great tournaments, all for our future, and yet…
Yet all ended up in draws…
Goddamn reaper of mine always manages to do so.
I think, she’s in love with me at this point.
I mean, why would she always almost lose, then make it so that it ends up in a draw?
It’s quite annoying.
It’s quite interesting, that I still have all these feelings, even after dying.
Seems like it is true that our souls are the main core of our lives.
So then, I truly, am not dead, and living around these parts.
Now I am in a good mood.
Going to the bar to train.
I guess I haven’t tried to win in a drinking game against her.
And seeing her pale skin, and youthful face.
She might be weak at this, and I might be able to win.
And maybe…
Maybe ask to be reborn as a reaper just like her…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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