For some…it is this easy?

I rose from amongst those who were called less than humans.
I bet my life on every day, even if it was solely for a single slice of bread.
Slowly, trading blow for blow, trading scars and blood for food, and resources, I climbed out of the shithole I was in.
I reached after much of a struggle the world of elites…
Or so I thought.
I was still nothing but an ant in front of the true giants.
Be it money or power wise, I had nothing, but hard work to show.
And frankly, even that was dwarfed by the work put in into developing their powers and themselves, these giants did.
I wasn’t a fool.
I never thought the immortals, the gods and great ones never suffered.
But I thought that my suffering helped me shape a sharper will for myself.
I was wrong.
After all, all these highly influential rich folks aren’t brain dead.
They won’t ignore something so crucial as willpower, and  tempering, either for themselves or their offspring.
Some might be too spoiled, but that’s only for upstart rich ones.
The truly old ones, the ones with foundations dating back for maybe even millions of years…
They don’t care about the lives of their offspring too much.
They know how to raise experts, and they do so…using any means necessary.
And I fell into this world.
From between a heap of garbage eaters, I rose until I could dine amongst the slightly finer individuals…
Before I was simply disposed of, because I looked at a noble’s daughter.
Well, she was in front of me, couldn’t really close my eyes…
And yet, that’s all that took for me to die.
And despite gaining my rank, my influence due to my strength, my wit…
All it took was a butler…a mere butler for me to die.
Even though I survived through countless battlefields…
A butler…killed me rather easily.
Thus, I died.
That was it.
Or so I thought.
Before, warmth and light flooded me again.
I could hear voices around me, and a cold metallic feeling spread across all over me.
“Oh, the Steel Fish awakened its wisdom and awareness.
How wonderful.”
A gentle voice said.
I tried to open my eyes, but all I felt was a wet feeling around me.
I was…
I was the fish?
Then, I felt full of energy.
“Good, it can actually passively absorb energy.”
The gentle voice chuckled.
I tried to open my eyes…and this time I could.
The colours felt weird, more vivid, but I could see.
I was in a pond.
And above me stood a gentle old man, throwing things into the pond.
I couldn’t stop myself from eating them.
And then I felt…that I was growing.
“Hoho, the Star Grass Pellets are up for your taste!
Little fishy, eat well, I think around a week you will be able to talk with me!”
He chuckled, before leaving.
I started to feel sleepy.
I was full.
But that name…
Star Grass Pellets…weren’t those worth entire cities?
Able to enhance ones mounts or familiars evolution?
As a fish?
Wouldn’t that mean a demigod cultivation?
Was it…
For some…
Was it this easy?
To progress?
I sighed, and looked at all the other things in the pond.
Each worth more than my entire wealth from my previous life…
I sighed.
“Let’s make use of this…
I might become someone with his help.”
I said, as I concentrated on absorbing the energy…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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