Death is…dying?

I lived a good life.
Average, at best, but good enough for me.
I enjoyed it.
I would like to believe that I made more than enough people happy, and better with my existence, and that was more than enough for me.
I was always a people pleaser, others told me.
For me, I just did what I liked: being nice and polite.
Grandma’s and my parents’ teachings always resonated strongly with me.
Now, breathing my last, I was looking at the room, filled with my family.
They slowly disappeared, as only one figure remained in the hazy room.
It was a tall, pale lady, with the gentlest eyes, and the warmest of smiles.
I asked.
“Yes, I am here, little Ferdinand.”
She smiled.
I felt…calm.
None of the fear and uncertainty from before remained.
I knew for sure that the one in front of me, will make it so that I arrive where I should arrive.
“Thank you.”
I murmured, closing my eyes.
Then, something warm splattered across my face.
I thought.
Maybe it some ritual?
I guessed she would just touch my forehead or something, and take my soul.
But nothing happened.
I heard a loud laughter.
Opening my eyes, the beautiful Lady was above me, protecting me, arms spread, and her chest…
Her chest had a gaping hole in it.
In front of her, a tall, flickering shadow figure laughed.
“Thanks mortal!
I was trying to get her for so many years now, but you are the first mortal she actually lowered her guard with.”
It said looking at me, before disappearing.
I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.
Death turned around, her pale face now become even more ghostly.
She still smiled.
Taking out a handkerchief, she cleaned her blood off of my face.
“I am sorry, young one.”
She said.
I couldn’t talk.
Death is…dying?
“Yes, indeed, I am dying.
Sadly for us, this means no trip together to the afterlife, now or ever, since I am just a concept.
A new one will be born the moment I leave.”
She said, giggling.
“Will she be still you?”
I asked.
“Her or him, or they for that matter, will be me and yet, not really.
My memories will be theirs, but my personality is mine alone.
Well, little Ferdinand, I know these few minutes won’t be enough for anything…
But your journey to the next point will have to be delayed.
She said, smiling, as she slowly faded away.
Now, I could see my family once more.
I quickly said my last words…again, before the room became hazy again.
Now, a gentle old man was looking at me.
“Shall we go, little Ferdinand?
For good this time.”
He chuckled.
I nodded, as he gently pat my head, and everything went black…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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