I can’t touch you…

I…I had to be careful.
I couldn’t possibly even try to touch someone else…not even by mistake.
So, I avoided public transportation, frequented the most lonesome of stores and markets, and shopped at such hours that maybe only godless souls roamed the streets.
As a woman…it was hard, but worth it.
I was sure of it.
Yet, it was hard…and lonely.
That’s why I was not so surprised I gave in to my current boyfriend’s pestering…
He is and was…patient.
Like he accepted everything in a stride.
I told him I can’t get too close to him.
He as “Alright”.
And he didn’t lie.
When we went to movies he bought the tickets for 4 people, but left two seats between us, so we wouldn’t be too close.
We always booked a bigger table for restaurants.
Even when we hanged out, he kept his distance.
And yet…
Yet, it was wonderful.
But alas, no wonder can last forever.
After two years of dating, which I might say, it’s quite a miraculously long time, he finally asked the question.
“Will you marry me?”
He asked.
I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t…
“I can’t…
After all, I can’t touch you…
This isn’t a life you should live…”
I said.
“That is up to me to decide.
I love you, and want to marry you, everything else is secondary.”
He said, smiling.
Oh, how it warmed my heart.
How I wanted to hug him, kiss him…
But I couldn’t.
“Also, I would like to meet your parents.”
He said.
At which I frowned.
My parents…
But before I could answer, the little apartment we were in was  attacked.
The windows broken, the room started to fill with sleeping gas.
I sighed, and ran into the basement, which was the reason I chose this apartment to buy.
Picking up a backpack, I followed an old tunnel system, and left.
I left my boyfriend I loved, as I knew the ones who attacked aren’t interested in him.
They are interested in me.
In me, and my power to erase the existence of anyone I touch…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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