Oops? I am sorry, I guess?

The ritual went smoothly.
Too smoothly.
It wasn’t my first time trying to summon a demon, but it was the first time I tried to summon one from the inner circles.
Also, the materials this time looked…
A bit too good.
I was used of being scammed, and getting low quality stuff.
Alas, I couldn’t really know anything until the ritual is done, and the summoning is finished.
And I didn’t have to wait long.
The ritual, as always finished with a big flash.
But this time, it wasn’t smoke, nor ashen irony smell that followed it.
But with cinnamon, apple, incense and citrus.
And…munching sounds?
In the pentagram, there lay on a makeshift hammock, a young man.
Wearing black shorts, and a white t-shirt, he was munching on a bright red apple.
If it wasn’t for one thing, I would have thought I summoned a mortal.
And that thing was a flaming sword that was circling him.
And…admonishing him?
“You are as lazy as a sloth! So what if it’s your off day?
Does it mean you can casually get swept by a ritual?
Are you that unbothered?!”
The sword shouted.
“Don’t…don’t tell me?
You are…Archangel Michael!?”
I exclaimed.
“’Sup dude.”
He nodded.
The sword completely ignored me, continuing to lecture Michael.
Looking around me, filled with occult symbols, mostly demonic in nature, same with the…items for the ritual…I started sweating.
“Don’t sweat the details, dude.
Not like I care that you tried to make a deal with a demon, that’s y’alls business.”
He chuckled.
But the sword looked at me for a second.
“Waste of existence.”
It snorted, before continuing its lecture on how irresponsible Michael was.
“You don’t care?”
I asked.
“No, but you shouldn’t try to deal with archdukes, since this circle is for them, at your level.
Like, make a deal with a couple more counts, maybe try having a spirit or an elemental as a familiar, before trying again.
Otherwise, you would probably end up dead.
Quite a common mistake for you warlocks.
Jumping levels.”
He said, munching on something I don’t know where he took.
“Ooops? I am sorry, I guess?”
I said, completely flabbergasted.
“Nah, no worries mate, it’s my off day, do you have some games upstairs?”
He said.
I just nodded, and watched him fly with the hammock upstairs.
The sword following him, snorting at every occult item I had on display.
“Garbage, fake, eh, almost decent.”
It murmured.
I was completely overwhelmed, and decided to rest in the basement, until I was sure they left…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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