I might’ve annoyed her

“How is this possible?”
The figure in front of me exclaimed.
I shrugged.
“But…but she…I…
She just…ignored you?”
The figure stuttered, as it lowered the sword.
I chuckled, and put my head back into its place.
“Well, yeah, she does that.
I told you, it’s not I can’t die, I am not permitted to.”
I said.
“But she’s Death!
She’s supposed to regulate the Laws of Death, and you died!
I beheaded you!
How are you still alive?
You died!”
The figure shouted.
“She ignores me, thus deathly attacks fade away after a while.
I die, but since she won’t acknowledge my existence, I am returned to the realm of the living.”
I said.
“But that’s…
You are a mere mortal.
You haven’t cultivated at all.
You aren’t knowledgeable in any cultivation system, you have no hidden bloodline…
You are a mere mortal.
So how is this possible?”
The figure asked, as it flickered.
This dude was a deity of some sorts.
Well, I think it was a dude after the voice, but you can never know.
It wasn’t the first deity I met in the hundreds of years I lived.
“Many deities asked me that, and the answer is quite…awkward.”
I chuckled.
“In my long years, I have seen and heard many things.
Lady Death ignoring you sure has reasons, so please, tell me.”
He asked, politely.
“Well, I might have annoyed her, a bit too much.”
I said, wryly.
She’s one of the gentlest and most understanding entities in this and many other realities.”
He said.
I nodded.
“Yeah, she’s amazing, but how should I put it…
Yeah, she was a mortal for a period of time, and we kind of…dated?
And I have been an asshole, as I kind of…asked her to marry me, then…
Then got cold feet?”
I said.
His figured flickered violently.
“You asked her to marry you and she said yes?”
He asked.
I nodded.
“And you got cold feet, and left her…hanging?”
He continued.
“For my defence, I have been young, and ever since I tried to get her to forgive me.
After all…we are still kind of…engaged?”
I said.
He disappeared for a second.
“Good luck, mortal with the braveness of a Galaxy Titan.
She’s renowned for her patience, and her gentleness…and memory.
Bid you farewell.”
He said, disappearing completely.
I sighed.
Walking this new planet I flew, I found it entertaining.
I had to research ways to get in touch with her, and ways to appease her…
But I knew she was always watching, and kind of…
This felt like a semi-honeymoon…
Both punishment and reward for me at the same time…
I sighed.
I should have been a bit more braver back then…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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