Come on, do your job!

I was born with two talents.
One talent that gave me high affinity towards healing magic, and the other was a mutated danger sense.
It’s literally a passive skill, called danger sense, so it can actually mutate…
And my mutated so it tells me when those around me are in danger, not me…
So obviously, I have been assigned at birth to be a healer and support.
Oh, jolly me.
I joined an academy for such profession, and quickly I was thrown in various adventurer groups, or mercenary teams.
It wasn’t bad.
I was looked down by nobles, and ordinary people, but my teammates always relied on me.
It felt good.
This is how I met my wife, so I can’t complain, and my pay is always higher than the rests.
Well, not during missions, but I can do side hustle healing, and believe me, nobles would pay a lot just to avoid pain.
I have been part of this adventuring team for three years now.
We were cleaning an undead mausoleum, lest we find our villages overrun by little bony critters.
I have been healing the fighter, rogue and guardian for ages now, while fighting against skeletons myself as well.
I don’t know how many times I had to focus on casting supporting buffs, healing and also fight and kill the mobs, because the guardian fucking ignored me.
I kept healing, and healing them.
And I kept also, fighting and killing them mobs.
But it was getting too much.
“Oy, Leo, you let one more critter my direction, I am going to kill you myself!”
I shouted.
The others just chuckled.
And we were progressing nicely.
We managed to find the boss of this mausoleum, a lesser lich.
Quite expected.
What was unexpected, that he had a half-a-death knight, (well, it was a skeleton knight that failed the promotion to become a death knight), and that knight was hell-bent on fighting me…
And the guardian simply ignored it, as Leo thought it was better to end the lich first.
“Come on, do your job!”
I shouted, dodging the knight’s slashes, while also keeping my spells, and healing constantly running.
It was extremely annoying.
After an arduous fight, we won.
The lich was dead, and so were its knight.
We were all more or less healthy (guess thanks to whom), albeit Leo had a missing finger.
“Heal me please.”
He smiled awkwardly.
But I ignored it, and kept healing the rogues “bruises”, over and over again.
“Come on, do your job!”
He said, grinning cheekily.
I took his finger, and healed it, reattaching it.
“Thank yo…OUCH OUCH OUCH!”
He said, as I twisted his finger.
No worries, I will heal him…again…and again….

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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