May I borrow your soul?

I was tidying up my shelves, as the hardcover books tend to get dusty from time to time, if I don’t peruse them.
And just as I was whistling a merry tune, a slight cough was heard behind me.
Turning around, I saw a middle-aged man, with greying hair.
He looked healthy, and gentle, but his eyes were extremely sharp.
I chuckled awkwardly.
“Sorry, I was too caught in the cleaning process.
How may I help you?”
I asked.
“May I borrow your soul?”
He asked gently, almost whispering.
“This is a bookshop, you can buy books, not borrow them.
They are my heart and soul indeed though, nice to see a fellow book lover that understands it.”
I said.
“No, good man, I need your soul.”
He smiled.
I sighed.
Another one who read one too many occult novels.
“Gentleman, I don’t think my soul is mine to give.”
I said.
At this, finally I saw something else in his mannerism other than “gentleness” and assuredness.
“What do you mean, good man?
I need to borrow your soul for a while, for its strong enough to fulfil what I have set out to do.
And if it’s not your to give, who’s is it?”
He asked, “smiling.”
“Well, it’s mine, and my wife’s, my kids’ and my friends’ to give.
Also I have faith, thus it is also the Lord’s.
I have no absolute ownership over it, for I loved and am loved, thus my soul is mine and yet many’s.”
I chuckled.
He sighed.
“Good man, you understand not.
A simple “Yes”, when I ask to borrow your soul is enough for me to borrow it.
And good man, you must understand, for what I am to do, I need such a soul.
So, I ask again, may I borrow your soul?”
He asked.
“I wish I could give you an affirmative answer, gentleman, but as I said, it’s impossible for me to do so.
I wish you good luck in your quest, and I hope you find a tool better fit for it than what I have, yet can’t give.”
I said.
At this, he smirked.
“That wish, is more than enough for me.”
He said, leaving.
I chuckled, and waved him goodbye.
He wasn’t even the weirdest of my customers.
But I felt a breeze, and some books toppled over.
I looked around and there was nothing.
I shrugged and went on with my business…unknowing how the world has already changed…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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