Fate? Destiny? Must I do that though?

I lived for a long time on this island.
Surrounded by waters that looked nothing like the ones talked about in the books, I was sure it was an isolated one.
After all, in all my years here, I barely met a couple souls.
Medusa, Arachne and the lion.
These three were the ones bringing me books from time to time, helping me learn.
I think I could consider them my friends, albeit I wasn’t really sure.
But I do enjoy my life.
The island is filled with trees, flowers, small streams, and animals, so I am never bored.
There is a towering mountain I can use as a nice shelter, as well, so I am all set.
And now, as I was relaxing on the shore, watching the waves fight against each other, a path opened in their “brawl”, and a boat could be seen being dragged by a huge sea serpent.
“Lagan, how are you, young one?”
The lion roared, as it jumped from the ship, onto me.
I caught it, and tossed it around.
“You! Let me down!
You cub!”
It roared, making me laugh.
I put him down, seeing him go in circles.
He must be dizzy.
“You never learn, Neme, young Lagan can split your body in two.”
Arachne came down, binding the lion, and stopping him from spinning.
“Arachne, don’t tease him, you know very well he loves brawling with Lagan.
And hello to you, young Lagan, I see you have been well.”
Medusa said.
I looked into her eyes.
They were so pure, and innocent, of the brightest blue I could ever imagine.
I can’t see how she is seen as a monster.
She is tiny, and cute.
And her hair just bit me.
“Hey, Medusa!”
I said.
“You thought I was cute, didn’t you?”
She asked with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
I just chuckled.
Yeah, I am sure.
They are my friends.
I led them to my nicely built cave.
“This palace is looking better and better.”
Neme said.
“Young Lagan, your architecture skills are mesmerising.
The pillars, the statues, the Halls…
You are slowly transforming the entire mountain into one abode.”
Arachne praised as well.
It felt good.
But Medusa sighed.
Usually, she was the cheeriest of the bunch.
I sat them down at a table, and brought them meat of the wild boars, bears and other animals I caught.
“Now, tell me, what’s the problem?”
I asked.
“The Gods, Giants, Cyclops and Monsters are at war.
The Gods with the demigods and human heroes are at an absolute advantage.
Whilst this might seem good to the common populace, the balance of the world is at danger.
Sooner or later the Gods or heroes or demigods will rot and decay if there are no enemies to keep them in check…
So, the Scythe of Kronos has awakened, in order to bring in a new age of prosperity.”
Medusa said.
“Okay, good for them, I guess.”
I shrugged.
The lion just laughed, shaking the walls in the cave, whilst Arachne and Medusa sighed.
“The Scythe can be handled only by a Titan…”
They said.
“Nice, there are a few titans still out there.”
I nodded.
The lion started rolling on the ground, his roaring laughter booming.
The other two looked…awkward.
“Young Lagan…
You are a Titan.”
Arachne said.
“I know.”
I nodded.
“Wait? You know?”
Medusa asked.
“Yes, I guessed it quite early on.
After all, I am taller than most, stronger, quicker, and I do make things around me change by just my mere presence.
I was sure I wasn’t a mortal.”
I said, chewing on some bones.
“You lad, these two lasses are trying to say that you are meant to wield the Scythe of Kronos, and shape the new world.”
The lion said, still laughing.
I asked.
At this all three were baffled.
“Because it’s your destiny, young Lagan.”
Arachne said.
“Yes, the Fates decreed that a mysterious Titan, with the powers seemingly both of Gaia and Chaos will appear to bring in a new era, of an almost perfect balance.”
Medusa continued.
“So…Fate? Destiny? That’s it?
Must I truly do that though?
Change the world and whatnot?”
I asked.
“Come on, fame, popularity, power, wealth, women!
So many things will be yours, little cub!”
The lion roared.
“I don’t really need any of those, though?
I am pretty content with what I have.”
I said.
“Going against destiny…so hero-like.”
Suddenly, Medusa giggled.
“Very well, we shall leave then, Lagan, we will meet again…if the Fates will it.”
She said, leaving.
The other two left as well.
Watching them leave, and watching the waters dance madly once more, I sighed.
“I came to know that I am a shaper.
I won’t destroy things…
But why do I feel that I will still be involved in this problem…”
I murmured leaving, not knowing how right I was at this moment…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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