This? This is nothing but a regular Tuesday for me

“You scientist with no morals, and no fear of the Unknown.
You wish knowledge, you want the truth of mere mortal bodies and more?
Fine, I shall grant this “wish” of yours.”
The being in front of me smirked.
I was utterly fascinated by it.
It was a being made out of pure energy.
There was no matter involved in its existence, yet it could talk, and interact with matter.
“Foolish mortal, still enamoured with knowledge beyond thy brittle minds capacity.
I grant thy life life, and be your thirst for knowledge be satiated by your own body.”
It said, and a great pillar of myriad colours drowned me.
I tried to keep my consciousness as long as I could, and amongst the many colours, and whispers, I could feel it…
Feel the truth that lay beyond the veil of humanity and even more…
And then, everything went black.
When I awoke I was in my house, my maid waking me up.
“Young Master, it is about time to wake up.”
She said.
“Need Iron, there is a slight rupture in blood vessel V-23, brain is under too much stimulation, relaxation is needed, liver is tired, spleen is overworked, lungs are undertrained…”
And many more voices were heard in my head.
“Young Master, are you okay?”
My maid, Lydia, asked.
“Yes Lydia, thank you.
Tell Father and Mother that I will join them in a minute.”
I said.
She left with a smile.
I stood up, with countless voices telling me about issues or improvements that could be made to my muscular system.
I freshened up with cold water, and laughed.
“My body, you can talk.”
I murmured.
“Owner, you need to take care of us better, too many issues are turning up.
Cells are on the verge of a riot, and that’s a nasty endeavour.”
A stronger voice said.
My brain, I thought…or it thought?
This is too funny.
I went down and had breakfast with my parents, as trillions of voices sang praises or curses about the food I took into my body.
I left for the academy, while smirking.
“Is this the “gift”?
Well it is a gift indeed, deity or spirit or whatever I managed to summon!
Hah, you think all this rambling can make me go mad?
I can communicate with my own body, with my individual cells!
I can learn so much, and I can avoid testing on others!
This is a blessing!
And the maddening cacophony of voices and sounds?
Heh, this? This is nothing but a regular Tuesday for me!”
I thought, as I waltzed into the Dean’s office, I needed funding for a new research…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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