I have changed…and sadly, so did you

I have been a villain my entire life.
I couldn’t agree with society.
I simply couldn’t.
So I rebelled, and did things my way, which obviously upset some, and outright endangered others.
I never contested their classification of me as a villain.
I acknowledged it.
But I didn’t want to change, that was my main…fuel.
Thus, I fought, and I fought a lot.
Of the many heroes that came after me, only one was annoying.
And damn, she was strong.
So strong, that …we ended up dying…together.
This is how life ends, huh?
Struggling, and struggling, yet barely achieving what I wanted…
I regretted it.
And then I arrived at the afterlife.
I don’t know others’ afterlife, but mine was reincarnation.
I reincarnated into a humongous forest.
The trees could easily tower over the highest skyscrapers of my original planet, and their roots system could cover entire metropolises.
I was reincarnated as a youth, all alone here, but I didn’t mind.
I had time to think things through…while working hard to survive.
I still had powers, but they changed, and the forest was full of creatures that sent shivers down my spine.
I trained hard, I worked hard, and soon I have made myself a little safe zone, with a nice hut, and a small garden.
I was…contended.
Now I realise that all I needed was…peace…and time and opportunity to do things in my own time and manner.
I regretted my previous life.
I hurt too many…
That is why when I found 2 bear cubs, with the mother nowhere to be found, I took them in, raising them.
But in a few months, they grew too big for my hut, so I enlarged it.
And life was good.
Soon, a flock of ravens took a liking to my roof, and joined my little community, and after them followed a hive of monster bees I captured, and a beautiful owl.
I continued my life, and for a decade, I was one with nature.
Then, I met the first sentient beings of this world.
Five of them came running, running from a dark mist.
Oddly enough, the mist simply dispersed once it touched my fence.
That’s how I got 5 new roommates.
Albeit, weirdly enough, despite being intelligent, and able to communicate with me verbally, they seemingly willingly put themselves beneath all my previous friends.
Even the bees were of higher status than them, but if they were happy, I was happy.
I had people to help me with taking care of the animals, of the land, it was good.
I was hardy at first, but a few years later, I accepted them as my wives…which is normal for their culture, seemingly…
It was…interesting.
Many women seemed attracted to me back on Earth…but I was too focused on how the world was…”against” me.
Truly a pity.
But not this time.
This time…I will live.
And decades passed again, and my little safe haven grew, and a quarter of the forest was my domain.
Many came for my council, both animal and humanoid entities as well.
And then…she found me.
Burning full of hatred, the forest turned to ash in her wake.
“I finally found you fucker…”
She shouted, throwing her flaming sword at me, but the sword just turned back to normal and fell to the ground when it came close to the trees I planted personally.
She charged at me with the fury of Mother Nature or worse, but she couldn’t hurt me.
The forest was protecting me.
“Fucking trees!
I am going to cut you all, protecting that evil monster!”
She shouted.
She was a pure human in this life as well, while I probably was a druid, seeing my powers and affinities.
“Let bygones be bygones.
You killed me, and I killed you.
I regret it, and I regret my choices that led me down the path of villainry.
How about we make peace, and let the past rest, and enjoy our current lives?”
I proposed.
At this she visibly trembled in anger.
“You a soulless monster, who made me suffer through this backwater planet for decades! DECADES WITHOUT TV, WITHOUT INTERNET, WITHOUT ANYTHING I CHERISHED AND LOVED!
She shouted, throwing herself at me, but was once again stopped by the barriers of nature.
“You used to cherish life, and society in general…Ella…
You would chase petty villains, and normal criminals just for the sake of justice.
You would take on hits from the villains rather than hit them back, because you knew they can’t hurt you…
And I…I was your antithesis…
I would hurt, maim and kill for the slightest offence…
It seems, that I have change…and sadly, you did too.”
I sighed.
My wives just patted my back, and we left.
She…to this day which is a long time from our first encounter…
Is still trying to break the barriers and kill me…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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