The Abyss, my only friend

You know the adage?
“Stare long into the Abyss, it will stare back?”
Well, I took it seriously, and as I wanted to talk with someone, I talked to it.
Over and over again.
Talking to the darkness, to the emptiness, to nothing.
I took the lyrics “Hello, darkness my old friend.”,  quite literally.
I did it out of curiosity, and pain.
Many individuals call themselves my friends, but are they though?
They know not what I like, what I do, what I cherish, what I dream, even after countless discussions, and hours spent together.
I am by no means a mystery, one look at my attire, one look at my room, and one look at my vocabulary, and anyone can go “Oh, so he is that kind of person…”
And yet, these “friends” always misunderstood me.
I could say a thing without hurting them, or “misleading” them.
So, I cut them off.
Better be alone, than being with people yet still being alone.
So I spoke, and spoke.
And one day, the abyss answered.
“That is…interesting.”
It whispered, the voice coming from the shadows hidden at the edge of my sight.
“Yeah, I know, this new chapter will be amazing.
I wonder if the hero will win, albeit that would be boring.”
I said.
“Hero…only…in stories…”
It said.
“That’s harsh, but it depends what you see as a hero.
If you are talking about those heroes from stories, selfless, or self-sacrificing, saving entire worlds and whatnot, yeah, no, I doubt in the real world there is such an individual.
But if you mean someone who saves people, someone who helps others, than those “heroes” do exist.”
I said.
It said.
“Nobody worth saving ends up in the Abyss or nobody saves those in Abyss?
Does this mean you want to be saved, as well?
From what?”
I chuckled.
It didn’t answer, but I could feel it…smile.
Here I was.
Alone, reading, while talking to the Abyss.
My only friend…the abyss, one who seems more interested in me, than anyone else…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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