Hell’s protocols

Well, this was certainly interesting, and terrifying.
I saved two kids from a hag in the woods.
She was this awfully sweet sorts of person when coming into town, so I got suspicious.
Nobody who lives alone for so long has such social and communication skills.
Something was fishy.
I followed her, and saw her caging two children.
Imagine my anger!
I hit her with a shovel I found, and freed the kids.
As we were running away, the hag was cursing me.
I laughed it off at first, but now…
Now, chains were dragging me into the ground.
Oh, the poor kids…
“Run straight ahead, there is a town there, tell them Anna sent you…”
I said, as I was completely drowned in darkness.
When I finally managed to open my eyes, I was on a cliff, with ash falling as snow.
Far away, mountains towered, and rivers of flames flowed around them.
The path I was standing upon was glassy, and around me there were thorny trees.
Far ahead, there was a humongous gate, with screams, shrieks and shouts echoing.
“So, this is Hell?
What now?”
I murmured.
Suddenly, a person appeared in front of me.
“You are not supposed to be here.”
It said.
It was a teenager looking entity, with scaly red skin, and two green horns.
“Well, you don’t have to tell me that.”
I chuckled, trying to ease my terror.
It sniffed me.
Oh God…
Does it want to…eat me?
“Eat you?
Ew, I am not that barbaric, I a noble of my clan.
And I can smell a strong curse on you, albeit, the witch that casted it forgot a key ingredient.”
It said.
I asked.
“Your soul.
It’s too pure.
It is indeed a delicacy for Hell, and a duke would probably give the witch an entire region to rule over, but that is if your soul is theirs to give.”
It said.
“But it’s not.”
I quickly said.
“No, it’s not.
You have signed no contract, lost no bet, lost no challenge, and was not bested by the witch.
Thus your soul’s solely yours, and given its quality, we can’t keep you in Hell.
You are free to go.”
It said, waving, and a portal appeared behind me.
“That’s it?”
I asked.
“Hell has protocols.
We can tempt, deceive and scheme, but we can’t lie, nor force souls to stay here.
So, as I said, you are free to go.”
It said, leaving.
I smiled, sighing in relief.
“Hell’s protocols…huh.”
I giggled, leaving this place…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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