This is actually quite common

So cute.
Taking care of the new Grim Reapers always puts a smile on my face.
Watching them bright eyed, eying everything, from the routes between dimensions, to the soul paths, the many afterlives, oh, it’s a joy.
Albeit, when the void ones scare them, they look so sad, but also…kind of cute.
I am never going to get bored of this job.
“Now, young’un, we shall go take care of the next soul.
It’s another sad case, of a mother dying in childbirth.”
I said, opening a tear in space, leaving for our next destination.
“Sir, this is our 492nd case for the day, and you said “sad case”, 492 times.
Do you pity the living?”
The young Reaper asked.
“No, not pity.
It’s just I feel sad to see life being lost.”
I said, chuckling.
“But Sir, it is their time.”
He continued.
“It is, indeed.
That doesn’t make it any less sad.”
I said, arriving at the scene.
We were at a remote house, in a mountain village.
The lass was young, and she was alone, her folk out working the fields…
We could see her soul, wailing around her body.
The young Reaper took his chance.
“Lady Avery, please if you may, we have come to help you pass into your designed afterlife.”
He said, professionally.
“No! No! No!”
The young lass shouted.
“Lady, I am sorry for your early departure, as I know, even for human standards, you have been young.
But time has come, the evening bell tolls thy name, it is time.”
The young Reaper continued, gently.
“My…my baby!”
She said, trying to touch her own body’s stomach.
I sighed.
Taking a look around, I could see no other Reaper, so I took the stage.
“Now, young’un, you shall see why we have our rings, that can materialise our forms.”
I said, putting the ring on.
From my satchel, I took our clean towels, disinfectant, a scalpel, and many more necessary objects, as I hurried to deliver the baby.
Soon enough, the cries of a new born lass could be heard.
I gently put her next to her mother, carefully dressing her in towels, lest she catches a cold.
Taking off the ring, I looked around to see the young Reaper staring at me.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, oh Lord!”
The young lass suddenly said, trying to hug me, but she just collapsed.
“Let us lead her to the afterlife, young’un.”
I said, opening the pathways once more.
The journey was silent, and when her soul was at the right place, the young’un stopped.
Why did Sir save the child? Why did you interfere with the mortal world?”
He asked.
Such a stickler for the rules he is.
“Because the child’s time wasn’t here yet.
Also, this is actually quite common.
This is the reason for the ring, and for the anatomy and medical knowledge you young’uns get at the Academy.”
I chuckled.
“Bur Sir! We serve Lord Death!
And saving lives is the domain of Lady Life!”
He continued.
“Do you know their relationship though?”
I asked, with a smirk.
“Rumours abound at the academy, Sir.
Lovers, siblings, cousins, split-personalities of the same individual, and so on.”
He said.
“And yet, you ignore the most obvious and normal answer: colleagues and best-friends.”
I said.
“Are you sure, Sir?
The Life Makers and us Grim Reapers aren’t on friendly terms.
Not even the deities of Death and Life are close to each other.”
He asked.
“The low-level ones.
And the arrogant ones.
Otherwise, Death and Life work hand-in-hand, young’un.
As I said, us, saving lives is actually quite common.
Think about this way, since you love rules: you go to harvest a soul, and there is another life there almost gone, you could save it or not, so you check around.
Since no other entity came for the soul, it means that their time is not here yet, thus, you should save them.”
I said.
“But there is always the situation where the Grim Reaper or other soul reaping entity encounters a delay for a reason, and that’s why there is nobody there to take the soul.”
He argued.
“Well, that’s true, but I rather save a life, than to take it unfairly.”
I said, leaving.
He followed me, but he was still frowning.
“Also, young’un, you know how tomorrow you are having dinner at my place, right?”
I asked.
“Yes, Sir.
I await it eagerly, especially meeting with your wife!
I heard from the others that you always do this as a graduation gift, and your wife’s dishes are legendary!”
The young’un exclaimed.
“They are indeed, after all, they were made by a Goddess.”
I said, chuckling,
That shocked him.
“A Goddess?”
He asked.
“Of Life.”
I smirked, heading towards our next unfortunate soul…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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