Immortality is not a joke!

In a lush forest stood tall an impressive mountain range.
But this was no mountain range at all, but rather a palace.
A palace in the shape of mountains, its insides hollows, as halls and rooms were carved into them.
And in this palace that had towers that pierced the skies many shadows were gathering now at.
Some shadows were winged, others were myriad shaped, and others were without shape at all.
In the greatest hall of them all, many thrones were arranged in a semi-circular manner, and now they were slowly filled in.
As the shadows slowly started to take on form, they started speaking to each other.
“Osiris, what do you think this meeting is about?”
A figure asked.
“I don’t know Hades, but I guess we will find out.”
Osiris answered.
“Did you do something again Anubis?”
Another figure asked.
“Not really Hel, I don’t think I actually left the part of the Underworld I was assigned to in this century.”
Anubis seriously answered.
“Ereshkigal, your dress is gorgeous!
Well, if we can call it a dress since it barely covers anything.”
A figure giggled.
“What’s the point of wearing too many clothes, when you don’t feel the elements, Scáthach?
Anyway, your Shadow Gown is gorgeous as well, almost seeing, yet seeing nothing, quite intriguing, just like Death.”
Ereshkigal answered.
“Oh, I am nothing too fancy, I just am.”
Another figure interjected.
“Lady Death.”
They all greeted.
“Sup, you are helping me so much, I love it.
But…who gathered us all here?”
Death asked.
“I did.”
A voice said, as wings unfurled.
“Azrael, now who did miss their appointment by a second or two?”
Hades sighed.
“Or did someone take too long on the way to the Afterlife?”
Ereshkigal laughed.
“No, albeit those are serious problems, I learnt you people can’t follow the rules properly, so I don’t mind it anymore.
This time around, someone committed a grave crime.”
Azrael said.
“Azrael my dear, I appreciate your dedication to your duties, but I would have felt a grave crime being committed against…me.
So please, tell us the crime.”
Death smiled.
“You would have felt it, Lady Death, if it would have been done solely by an outsider!
But if a God of Death agreed, than your domain would have remained unaffected, save for a slight tremor.
Someone gave a mortal the trait of immortality!”
Azrael said gravely.
But the others just sighed.
“Seriously, that’s it?
You took me away from my judge duties for this?”
Osiris shook his head.
“Immortality is not a joke!”
Azrael exclaimed.
“No, but it’s not like only we can gift a mortal with it.”
Hades chuckled.
“No, there are many a great beings who are able to do so.
But none, well but a few who can do so without your acknowledgment, otherwise a disturbance would be felt in your domain, which would cause a backlash to you.
And since nobody seems damaged, I assume you are accomplices to this heinous crime.”
Azrael said.
“A demigod killed a Giant King, and Yggdrasil shed a leaf for their sake, granting them immortality, and great wisdom.”
Hel said.
“So it was you!
Hel, you are one of the younger ones among us, but you need to understand, immortality is a heavy burden for a mortal!”
Azrael said.
“A demigod is not a mortal, my friend, take it easy.
And since the Tree of Life gifted them a leaf, it is a balanced exchange, so there is no disturbance.
Leave it.”
Thanatos said.
“It was lovely to see you all, we might need to hold such meetings every millennia and not only once every five millennia.
Take care, and be careful out there, if you need anything, I am everywhere.”
Lady Death said, smiling and disappearing.
Soon, everyone started to leave.
“Azrael, you are the best amongst us in doing your duty, but eternity might drive you crazy if you are this inflexible.
Take care, and visit us from time to time.”
Hades said, being the second to last to leave.
Azrael stood there alone, lost deep in thought.
“But…immortality is not a joke…
Even deities can crumble under the weight of eternity…”
He murmured, slowly leaving as well…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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