Ahem…revenge for…me?

I was relaxing in my mansion, when I heard the butler knock.
How I knew it was him?
After his heartbeat.
I said.
“My Lord, the Branches sent word back.
The Hounds are close to finding your trace.”
He said.
I sighed.
Those goddamn hunters, always on my case, seriously, what did I ever do to deserve this?
Sure, I am an ancient vampire, and I am a natural enemy of humans, but still.
Have I ever forced anyone into servitude?
Even back when we ruled the humans, I was happy with a few who voluntarily came to me, and exchanged their blood for my blessings.
Can’t I get a break, seriously.
“Butler, how about the other task concerning the Hounds?
Have you found out why they are hell bent on hunting me?”
I asked.
“Yes my Lord, the Branches and the Leaves managed to find out something.
The Hounds are from one litter seemingly, and they are guided by one goal: hunting you, my Lord.”
The Butler said.
I frowned.
A family who is coming for revenge?
Seriously, I never killed a human being as a vampire, and before I was a vampire I was but a village teacher…
I left my home because I was dying of age, who the hell would have thought that a princess will fancy me, and transform me.
I became young once more, and immortal.
But that princess is a travelling one, so I barely saw her in the last thousand years…
And I take after her…rather travel, read and relax than manage my businesses or mingle with the high society…
So who…why…
“Do you have the name of the family?”
I asked.
And then, the butler said a name I haven’t heard…
I haven’t heard since I was still human.
“Butler, arrange for the hounds to reach my vacation house in the alps.
The one which is near the little stream, not the one for the public.”
I said, standing up.
“Yes my Lord.”
He nodded, leaving.
I looked out the window, and stepped out.
A few thousand kilometres is but a few minutes for me at this point.
As I was passing by some towns, I cleaned some of the vampire rascal nests.
These young’uns are always trying to prove they are better than humans, and they are hunting them or worse…”farming” them.
Seriously, if humans properly get mad, we won’t even stand a chance, not even an ancient one like me.
Maybe the royals would escape, but who knows…human technology developed so much…
It’s such a waste of a good life to hunt humans, when vampires could travel the world, and learn so much.
My little sanctuary was now in front of me.
A small cottage, with a nice fire place, a hay bed, and a small table.
Nothing more, nothing less.
An old lamp to read at, not that I can’t see in the dark, and nothing more, nothing less.
Surrounded by trees, a small stream’s song coming and going, it’s a paradise on Earth.
And now…
We wait.
Soon, footsteps could be heard from ahead.
“Took them only 5 days…
Not bad…”
I murmured, opening the door.
Leaving the cottage, I faced two dozen masked men and women, arm to teeth with silver weapons, holy weapons, and talismans.
Albeit, I expected one of them to have a ray gun or something, it seems they are quite confident in their half-vampire powers.
They were all half-vampires.
“Welcome to my humble abode, young’uns.
To what do I owe you this pleasure?”
I asked.
After all, this was the first time they actually managed to face me.
“Not going to hide behind your thralls, this time?”
Their leader asked.
Hmm, he had quite an old voice.
Oh no, they are my companions, in this eternal life of mine.
I don’t transform people, willy-nilly.”
I chuckled.
One of them tried to attack me, but he couldn’t.
“What is going on…”
He murmured.
“Oh, well, you are here to take revenge for your ancestor’s death, aren’t you?”
I asked.
“You bastard!
Still taunting us?!”
The leader exclaimed.
I just laughed, as I cut my palm with my nails.
My blood flowed nicely out, and it started to circle them, glowing.
I could see that they started feeling the warmth as well.
“What sorcery is this?!”
The younger ones shouted, but the leader fell to his knees.
Taking off his mask, he was…crying.
He kneeled, and bowed.
He shouted.
“Leader! We should kill him! Take revenge for our ancestor…what are you doing?!”
A young lass shouted.
“Ahm, revenge for me?”
I asked, pointing to the blood that now formed the word “family”.
They froze.
They weren’t stupid after all, they knew a lot about vampire customs, and powers.
“So all this time…
It was you…”
The leader murmured.
“Well, I left our family because I was dying.
I had left behind a beautiful wife, and seven kids, each more brilliant than the other.
I had no regrets.
Alas, fate had a different plan for me.”
I said, helping him up.
We discussed and I was happy to hear that all my children got connected to me after my transformation…
This means through my blood, the princess’ powers blessed them as well, each living centuries afterwards as half-bloods.
This revenge of theirs was ingrained deep within them, but who knew, they would be hunting the one they wanted to avenge…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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