Unexpected friendship

In the shadow drowned pathways that lead towards the Underworld, a river of light floods in.
The light takes the shape of pythons as it slithers towards the main cave, where Hades himself, the ruler of the Underworld has his throne.
The light gathers in front of the throne, while Hades just smirks.
“Apollo! Dear friend!
How come you have time to visit these old bones of mine?”
He laughs, as the light fades away, revealing a handsome young man.
“Well, I just stumbled upon an interesting bacteria in the mortal realms.
And I wanted to hear your opinion, on ways to treat it.”
Apollo laughed, as he walked up the stairs, and bowed to Hades.
Hades just chuckled.
“Chaos be damned!
And here I thought you just missed my company.”
He said, helping Apollo up, patting his shoulder.
“Dude, that too, it’s just, you really don’t leave your realm, and let me tell you, the Underworld is quite a sad place to be at.”
Apollo said, letting himself fall unto a cloud of light.
Hades sat down onto his throne, laughing.
“Well, we have sinners as well, not just righteous soul.
It would be bad if they enjoyed it.
Also, the dead shouldn’t really have it as comfortable as the living, otherwise you know how the mortals are, they might do anything in order to come here.”
He said.
“True, true, it’s just I kind of am Light, and being in such a place…
Well, not to say that it doesn’t have some good spots.
Lady Persephone decorated your gardens pretty damn well.”
Apollo nodded.
Hades laughed.
“You can casually chat with me, but you are still so polite with Perse.”
He said.
“Because despite you being the Ruler of the Underworld, you are pretty chill…
Lady Persephone on the other hand, she’s sweet and nice when in good mood, but oh, Zeus protect those that anger her!”
Apollo said.
“Good to have someone other than those two younger brothers of mine, speaking normally with me.”
Hades smiled, at Apollo’s antics.
“Because you look too stiff dude, and too prim and proper.
I bet that even the new inventions of the mortals can’t properly calculate with such perfection as you do when you dress, or move, speak or do whatever.
You should relax from time to time.”
Apollo said.
“I do relax, Apollo, I do relax, but it’s all planned out.
The Underworld, at least this one of ours, houses more than just the souls of mortals, so I can’t take it too easy.”
Hades said.
“I know, it’s just sad dude, just sad.
By the way, do you know the bacteria I was talking about?”
Apollo asked.
Hades nodded, and took out a scroll.
“Here are the ingredients that may or may not lead to a treatment for the illness the bacteria causes.”
He said.
Apollo took it, and whistled.
“Damn, quite common these are.
You really are the best, Hades.”
Apollo said.
“Well, if I don’t know how to get around these death factors, nobody knows.”
Hades shrugged.
“No wonder Thanatos works for you.”
Apollo nodded.
“So, fancy a glass of wine, and maybe we can discuss the new improvements of the mortals?
I see that their lifespans are getting longer.”
Hades said.
Apollo just smiled, and conjured a table, and glasses, and a bottle of wine.
“Already prepared it, dude.
Let me tell you, those mortals really take my advices to the heart…”
He started talking and talking, while Hades just listened with a  smile on his face.
This was an unexpected friendship, between two different sides, one that was usually connected with death, and the other with life.
And yet, the two couldn’t be any closer and of the same mind…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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