War against Hell

It took just a decade.
A decade from the moment the feather inscribed with so many runes, and so much information, that humanity as a whole finally came together.
A decade since the portal to Hell was opened.
And a decade was all it took, for humanity to go from an infant civilization, to a realm warring one.
A step, two steps than more came that humanity took in Hell, and ever since the very first one, they have never stopped.
Over and over again they clashed against the armies of the local barons, dukes and demons, and over and over again, they lost and they won.
But they never gave up.
They were like a fire lit by a deity, one that can’t be extinguished, not with water, nor with earth, not by the winds, nor by others’ fire.
And just as Hell’s first layer started to get its very first headache from a mortal realm, from a realm they saw as a fledgling, as a place to dine upon, in Heaven, an angel was brought in front of the Thrones.
“Knodiwel, know thy crime!
You set the Lord’s children on a path of war and destruction!
They boomed.
The angel just smiled, not affected at all by those around him.
“I just did what I had to do.”
Knodiwel said.
“Yours was to spread knowledge and ensure that the humans develop properly!
You were once a proud disciple of Metatron!
Now look at you!”
They boomed.
Knodiwel just shrugged.
“I just freed the humans’ potential.”
They said.
Living an eternal war, is your way of unleashing their potential!”
They exclaimed.
“Humans are truly good at two things: at being unpredictable and at being really stubborn.
Both of them are the perfect traits for expansion and warring.
I have nothing else to say but that, if the Lord doesn’t see my acts fit for my role, They shall punish me Themselves.”
Knodiwel said, leaving.
The Thrones, and the other angels just watched him disappear.
All the while the humans, were waging a war against Hell…
And it seemed like they were winning…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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