Time’s…son is telling me to stop?

I was enjoying my extra time, once again.
After all, if I can stop time for everyone but me, why shouldn’t I do it?
I have the power to stop time, indeed.
Well, stop it for everyone but me.
But it only stops the people and objects in the moment, I can still touch them, and then they will all work.
It’s quite weird.
Indeed, if I touch something, or someone, they will “wake up”.
So, no, I can’t do anything truly shady.
Not that I would do.
I used my powers to ace all my tests.
Some I cheated, but frankly, I tried it out, I don’t age when time is stopped.
So I can truly spend “ages” to study things, and it helped a lot in my adult life as well.
Languages, theories, practical subjects that need a lot of time to master…
Everything done so.
But today…
Today I was running.
It wasn’t because I wanted a workout, no.
It was because a dude, with white sweatpants, and a white hoodie, was coming towards me in his flip-flops.
While the time was stopped.
I got scared.
But no matter how much I ran, he was still walking groggily towards me.
Finally out of breath, I stopped, and waited.
“Dude, just stop.”
He said, yawning.
I was still panting.
“I…I stopped…not…running anymore…”
I said with difficulty.
He yawned again.
“Dude, not that.
Stop, stopping time, it annoys the hell out of Dad.”
He said, taking out a bag of snacks, and starting to munch on them.
“Dad? What…What are you talking about?”
I asked.
“My dad is Time, you are stopping his domain, around these parts at least.
It’s annoying, it affects his work, his personality.
Albeit since you were blessed with those powers, it is within your right to exert them…
At least don’t do it daily, dude…that’s exaggerated even for me.”
He said.
“And you are?”
I asked.
“I am Moment.
First born of Time.
Now, if you excuse me, I have a game to play, and a boss to raid.
He said, disappearing.
And time now was…running normally.
I didn’t start it.
He did.
I can’t believe this is happening.
It’s not that hard to accept it, since I have these powers but still…
Time’s…son is telling me to stop?
This is truly a new peak of weirdness…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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