They aren’t actually…evil

I used to be a human.
A simple, average John Doe.
An accountant.
Nothing special, nothing too normal, too weird, just simply…me…a human.
But I overworked.
Burnt myself nicely out.
And ended up faceplanting in the middle of a busy road, spelling my own doom.
Yes, I died.
But…I didn’t go to heaven, to hell or nothingness…but reincarnated.
And as many so absurd, and cliché stories I have read, I retained my memories.
But, I wasn’t reborn as a human.
I was reborn as a vampire.
In a world, where many races were living, all separated clearly, yet mingled together.
It was a world of magic and swords, and cultivation, and gods, and demons, and devils and ghosts and such much more, I can’t comprehend even to this day.
At first, I was absolutely terrified.
Due to being a new born (I didn’t know how it worked, but now I know, it’s the same as other races, weirdly enough), if I was hungry, and if I was fed, I ate.
But drinking blood…wasn’t something I wanted to do.
It was something I had to do.
After all, I was a baby.
But soon, I got over it.
I saw how the blood was procured.
Early on, I only drank animal blood, and all animals were reared in our own little pasture, and none looked ill, or weakened.
The sheep, cattle all had really round figures, glistening eyes, and an eagerness to get close to us.
Clearly, they weren’t maltreated.
So, I started to get used of my new…status.
I learnt a lot.
About bodies, about diseases, about genetics.
Vampires, thankfully, as in the better interpretations from Earth, were a sophisticated race, keen on keeping their name, fame, honour, family in high regards.
And I learnt a lot about why we need to drink blood. (Well, actually, once you trained until the level of a vampire Duke, you didn’t need to anymore.)
And I learnt a lot about why the other non-human races did what they did.
Instincts are hard to be deceived, and ignored.
Why I still consider some of their actions barbaric, cruel, disgusting…
I start to understand them.
They don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing, for the same reason we the others see only the horrible aspect of it.
They can’t see it from our perspective.
The same way that for us, it’s a crime they do, for them, it’s normality.
They need to eat, procreate, they need wealth, they need territory.
Why should something normal be punished?
I still think some of them are aware of what their acts mean in our eyes, but…
But they choose to play the dumb act…
Overall, I can say, that after a century in this new role of mine…
I start to see, that these monster races…
They aren’t actually…evil.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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