The four horsemen of Apocalypse got fired

The world at long last was at peace.
And this time, not only seemingly, but truly, for the legions of Hell, and armies of Heaven finally found a common ground, and truce was signed.
No parts believe truly in the truce, yet the desire for peace is stronger than worry, thus peace permeated the realms.
As this was happening, and peace and stability spread further and further, and strengthened, four individuals gathered at a small family restaurant.
It was only them, at this time of the day, and as they entered, the waitress, and the cook looked worriedly at the door.
Because the four individuals were anything but common.
First to the left was a tall, and lean woman, with a hair akin to a blazing fire.
She wore a royal blue suit pant and jacket, and nothing more, her skin glistening in the flickering light of the restaurant, and her breasts shyly showing every time she moved.
Her expression was that of utter anger, and amusement at the same time.
To her left was a young adult man, wearing a white hoodie, and grey sweatpants, his eyes were lacklustre, his whole body moving sluggishly.
Next came in a middle-aged man, wearing a shirt that seemed to have buttons of nigh-omnipotent powers, for his belly threatened to push open the backdoor exit, even though he just stepped through the entrance.
He looked around, and smiled happily seeing nobody was in, his eyes next jumping to the menu posted above the counter.
Lastly, a tall woman, with algae green long curly hair, a pale face, and a warm smile.
She wore a dark dress, but politely bowed as they entered.
“Hello, there.
Please, bring us eighteen servings of the Cheeseburger menu for my brother, and afterwards one for each of us.”
She said, with a soothing voice.
The cook just nodded, and got to cooking, not even mentioning the ridiculousness of the order, whilst the waitress came out from behind the counter, and led them to a spacious enough booth.
“Here, your free coffee, and water.
Feel free to ask for more.”
She said, as she left behind water, coffee, and 4 cups and mugs.
As she left, the fiery haired woman snorted.
“Such an enjoyable life, they don’ t know how close they were to annihilation.
Come on, “big sis”, tell us, what will we do now?”
She asked.
The algae green haired woman just smiled.
“Oh, dear War, why so prickly about this matter?
Just enjoy the additional free time you have, and enjoy life.
It’s not like you are absolutely without responsibilities, now that the Apocalypse is cancelled.”
She laughed.
At this the two men just chuckled, while War just rolled her eyes.
“We were fired, meaning that we can’t spread our influence actively anymore.
Doesn’t this bode extremely bad times for us?”
The big bellied man asked.
“When have we ever had to actively spread our influence, Famine?
Seriously, just sit back, and enjoy reaping what others sow in your own providence.”
The hooded young man said, stretching.
As the food started coming in, the discussions died down for a bit.
“Okay, but isn’t this against our contracts?
We were supposed to bring forth the end of worlds, all of them!”
War said.
“And we shall do so.
But instead of a big pre-show for the war between the two higher-realms, Hell and Heaven, we shall do so, all in our time, slowly.
In the end, no mortal race is without faults, no mortal can escape hunger, or disease, or conflicts, or…me.”
The algae green haired woman laughed.
At this, all the other three rolled their eyes.
“Death…you and your puns…”
War said, but she giggled as well.
And next, they started talking about things no more than two other individuals would understand.
These four were the horsemen of Apocalypse.
And they came here to “celebrate” one fact:
That they got fire.
The four horsemen of Apocalypse got fired, and peace won…for now…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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