Love advice from…from uncle Hades?

In the realms surrounding the main universe, there was a paradise created by Aphrodite.
It was a small realm, a rather lush forest, filled with beauty and nigh-perfection.
In said realm, she and Ares were relaxing, under the shade of a towering oak, as they watched the swans swim.
Aphrodite looked up, as she was laying on Ares’ chest.
“Yes, Dite?”
Ares smiled.
“When will you get me a gift?”
She suddenly asked.
Weren’t those whips a good gift?
Also, haven’t I gotten you a nice armour, shows and protects all the right parts.”
He smirked.
Aphrodite just snorted, and stood up.
I also got you those servant boys!
I created them from the souls of my enemies!”
Ares tried to explain.
“Are those romantic to you?
Is your head filled only with your divinity?!”
She exclaimed.
Ares scratched the back of his head.
He was the God of War…
His head was kind of filled with the divinity related to it.
But even he knew that saying “yes”, would be disastrous.
“You know, Persephone gets flowers daily from Uncle Hades!
And all the time, they are of a different kind!
And do you know why he gets her flowers?”
Aphrodite asked.
He loves her?”
Ares said.
“No! Well, not only that!
Because he knows, that she loves flowers!”
Aphrodite said, throwing a pillow in Ares’ face.
Ares shrugged.
Persephone liked flowers, that wasn’t really hard to guess.
But his Dite, he thought, was the Goddess of Love…
What did she love?
You are so clueless!
Go and ask Uncle Hades for some advices, you are so…
Aphrodite said, disappearing, leaving behind a pile of messy leaves, blown all over Ares.
Ares sighed, and disappeared as well.
As he appeared in a darkened cave, a low growl was heard.
A tremendous three-headed hellhound appeared, showing its teeth to Ares.
But Ares just smiled.
“Who’s a good hellhound?
Who’s a good hellhound?
You are!”
He said, as the hellhound, landed with a heavy thud on its back, letting Ares pet its belly.
“Little Ares!
I wondered who would dare to play with Cerbi like that.
Come in, come in.
My husband will be happy to hear that you came to visit.”
A voice said, as Ares found himself being dragged.
A young woman was dragging him deeper into Hades’ domain.
It was Persephone.
Her hair was that of a myriad colours, and it was constantly changing.
She was tall, and thin, but had a hidden beauty and sharpness to her.
Ares never knew how to act with her.
“Cousin…Or Aunty…Persephone, come on.
Don’t treat me like I am a child.”
Ares said, his words sounding rather harsh.
But Persephone just giggled.
“Time passes differently for us here.
Believe me, little Ares, you are a child in my eyes.”
She giggled, as they entered a huge underground cave, illuminated by flowing lava rivers.
In the middle of it, stood a humongous throne, and below it on the stairs, sat a middle-aged man talking to some winged-ghosts.
But as soon as Persephone and Ares entered the cave, he waved the ghosts away.
Standing up, a warm smile was plastered on his face.
What a pleasant surprise, come, come, let us sit down.”
He said, hugging Ares, and summoning some chairs, and a table with refreshments.
He was Hades.
He was barely half the size of Ares, gentle and warm in nature, but Ares felt like his uncle towered over him…always…
“Now, don’t be that afraid.
I don’t eat other gods, I am not my father.”
Hades laughed, and Persephone giggled, but Ares just shivered.
He wanted to fight Chronos once, but his father didn’t let him…
But allowed him to fight an incarnation of Chronos…
That was one of the worst fights of his life.
“So, little Ares?
Are you here to hide once again from one of Hephaestus’ creations?
Did he send some mechanical army after you again for sleeping with his wife?”
Persephone inquired.
“No, but it is somewhat related to Dite…
I need…
I need love advice…from Uncle Hades.”
Ares finally said.
Persephone’s whole body lit up, flowers blooming before burning to ash, all around.
Hades just chuckled.
“I want to know everything!”
Persephone almost squealed.
Ares gulped.
He knew that she was curious, and behaved like a mortal, but he also knew her cold face…
Her wrath is not any less devastating than Hades’.
“Dite told me I should give her a gift…
To show my love, I guess.
And she quoted Uncles’ daily flowers to you.”
Ares said to Persephone.
She nodded, while Hades just smiled.
“Young Nephew, she means that she knows that you love her, but you haven’t showed it to the world properly.”
Hades said, after a while.
Ares tried to say.
“No buts there, little Ares.
Your domain is that of War, and Conflict, which theoretically kills little Aphrodite’ domain, but…
But didn’t one of the greatest wars began because of Love?”
Persephone said.
“But I don’t know what she loves…
She’s Love incarnate after all…”
Ares murmured.
“Flowers are a sign of attention, of love, of attraction.
Small regular gifts, once again can show it.
Making Love a part of your armies also good be a brilliant way to show her your love.
And, teaching her one-on-one how to fight, how to command armies would also be a great gift, I would say.
Don’t try to teach her schemes, and how to create conflict though, she’s already a master at that.”
Hades said, smiling.
He didn’t withhold a single thing, and he was direct.
This was one of the qualities of Hades, that Ares could actually fully enjoy.
“But no mindless gifts, try to give her some pets, some nice dresses, pillows and the sort.
Also, leave the immortal realms, and trek through the mortal ones.
The mortals have a lot of knowledge on love and courtship.”
Persephone chimed in.
“Thank you…”
Ares said, leaving.
The two just smiled, and started a conversation of their own.
After leaving, Ares created two daggers from the hearts of stars.
The daggers were golden in colours with strikes of red, and their handles were curved, put together they created a heart shaped handle, and the daggers became a double bladed sword.
That was his first gift.
His second gift were ten tremendous wars, all fought for love.
And his third gift was…
“You bastard!
Come here!”
Hephaestus shouted, as Ares was running away.
His third gift was kissing her at the end of a meeting of the Olympians.
Aphrodite just snorted at this, but a smile was tugging at her mouth, as she watched more and more mechanical creatures appear, chasing Ares…her Ares…

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