Graveyard of the Star drifters

On a planet at the edge of the known cosmos, there was a peculiar place.
It was a valley, filled with fog all-year round.
But the fog wasn’t natural.
It was a combination of multiple gases, fuels evaporating and combining together with the local humid air.
It was highly toxic, and hallucinogenic.
Yet, this didn’t stop the adventurers from trying to explore the valley.
Because this valley was the graveyard of the star drifters.
The place where the starships of those who tried to travel beyond the boundaries of their home cosmos, crashed.
Weirdly, all ships that tried to do so crashed on this planet, into this valley, no matter how far away from this planet they tried their escapade.
Thus, so much technology, so much knowledge, so much mystery was packed into this valley, that it became irresistible.
But today, as I step inside the ocean of “fog”, I felt…terrified.
I came here because I was a researcher, and my main domains of study were that of anti-matter usage for fuel and spatial boundaries, layered space theories.
Both of them are the key to leave this universe, or at least, it’s theorized.
Thus I thought to myself, if these individuals wanted to leave, their ships must have these two domains thoroughly studied…maybe even solved.
But all my bubbly feelings disappeared when I entered.
This gas…was not toxic, nor hallucinogenic.
It was simply vapor.
Vapor from something being constantly heated.
And that something was the incredible humidity in the atmosphere.
And what was heating it?
All the ships that were still working…
As soon I entered, I could hear the purring of engines.
The whirling sounds of such technologies I might have only read about them…
And the fact is…
I could feel a gaze on me.
The people who led me here, and let me in…
I think I know why the information about this place is so erroneous…
There were forces that wanted to keep everything here a secret.
Thus, I had no choice to walk forward.
If I found something valuable enough, I might…
I might be able to keep my life.
And as I walked, I could see shadows speeding, coming in and out of my field of vision.
A voice suddenly said.
Looking to my left, I saw him…or it.
A tall, humanoid figure, male in appearance but…
Its skin was almost entirely metallic…
And it had spikes coming out randomly.
“You are carrying a top-tier personal quantum computer.
And you are murmuring to your A.I. as it takes notes.
I presume you are a scholar?”
It continued.
“Well, hello there.
That I am.
Pardon my intrusion in your home, and pardon my rudeness but…
How may I call you?”
I said, as I gathered my courage.
“My name…
Doesn’t really matter, same as it doesn’t really matter you entered here.
It’s good you didn’t attack as soon as you saw my ugly mug.”
It laughed.
I tried.
“What happened?
Well, almost leaving this cosmos has its consequences.
All the alloys that surrounded me, kind of fused into me, due to the heat or energy, that threw us here.
Same happened with a few others.
We aren’t living beings anymore, but some machines.”
It sighed.
But this ignited my curiosity.
“I have read about automatons being sighted.
Might it be others like you?
Might the neighboring cosmos be one where life evolved into a more technologically path, instead of living beings being flesh made?”
I asked.
“That’s what the other bookworms theorized.
Well, come let me show you around.
This is the graveyard of the star drifters for the outside world, but for us…
For us, this is the Lighthouse of the Star Drifters, it might show the way for the others…”
It murmured, starting to leave.
I followed, with heavy steps, afraid and excited…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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