It sucks to be the Goddess of Love

I was trying to get away, but still, those two nobles didn’t want to stop their pestering.
I was wearing a heavy dark cloak, that covered my entire body.
I am sure I sprayed myself with alcohol, and I walked to the city from the forest, so I was sweaty as well.
I had bandaged my chest, so it’s 100% impossible to discern that I am a woman.
And yet still…
This is annoying.
After circling round and round little alleys, hiding behind boxes, in the cracks of abandoned buildings, I finally managed to lose them.
Then, parched, I found a bar to drink at.
Entering, barely a couple customers were in, and they were busy drinking, while the bartender, a young lady was busy trying to seemingly erase the existence of the glass she was cleaning.
I sat down in front of her at the bar, and sighed.
“Strongest drink, coming.”
She said, as she put the glass down, and busied herself.
I just nodded.
I was truly, truly exhausted.
Soon, my drink arrived.
It was good.
The bartender whistled.
“Haven’t seen another lass but my ma’, that could drink like that!”
She said.
I froze.
Looking around, I saw that nobody really reacted.
“What do you mean lass?”
I said, chuckling.
“Well, you are clearly a woman, girlie, no matter how much you try to hide it.”
She said, now once again, fixated on cleaning a glass.
I said nothing.
And she said nothing.
Soon, the other customers left.
It was just the two of us…which was weird.
“This is a place for low-life, lost souls and poor adventurers.
It’s almost evening, so now they all are either working, or fucking.
They will be back after midnight.”
She suddenly said.
“How can you be so sure of that?”
I asked.
“I saw it happen for years.
And for the same reason, I know you are a woman.
A too beautiful one at that.”
She said.
I giggled.
“I am no woman, but I am female.”
I said.
“I know, and an experienced one.
You looked at my poor customers as if they were just tools to be ridden.”
She laughed.
I nodded.
I wasn’t promiscuous, and I was already bored by lust, but…
I had my fair share of activities.
“It is a pain in the ass, sometimes literally that love equates for the entire existence with sex.”
I sighed.
“Yeah, I know, poor comprehension abilities, what can I say.
It suck to be the Goddess of Love.”
She said.
I froze.
But when I looked at her, she didn’t really pay attention to me, she busied herself with the glass…
Must have been just a general statement…
Governing love is one thing, but since she is the Goddess of Love, she must also feel it much more intensively.”
I murmured.
“Not just that, scholars have written several papers on the Gods, whilst they were pursuing their thirst for true magic.
The Goddess of Love might also be the Goddess of Sexual Attraction, of Beauty, of Lust, of familial love, of platonic love, of care, of worry and so much more.
Love is encompassing a lot of things.
You know, before I opened this bar, I was a scholar myself…”
She said, chuckling bitterly at the end.
I smiled.
“What do you think about her? The Goddess of Love?”
I asked.
“A woman, that had more men and women in her bed, than I have had coins in my purse.
Copper coins! Mind you!”
She giggled.
I laughed.
“So, she’s that bad in your eyes…”
I murmured.
Why would she?
How could she send her minions to spread love, if she didn’t understand it?
Also, if Gods are made of divinity, hers is that of Love, thus again, her very being would be prone to loving, and frankly, let’s be honest here, as we are two women, prone to fucking.
And what’s wrong in that?
That’s her job.”
She shrugged.
“Don’t you think Love should be something higher, purer than that?”
I asked.
“More complex, not higher or purer bullshit, like those clerics spout.
Imagine, my brother died for a young lass whom he was simply fucking around with, mind you, one out of many.
Not married, not engaged, not even in a serious relationship.
He jumped in front of a beast, and held it off until she ran away, to safety.
Giving your life for someone you just bed, isn’t that a kind of love?”
She said.
“It is…in this case.
Love can be that, or less or more.
It can be shown through a simple word, an entire act, a date, an expensive gift, through…fucking, or simply through being there for the other one…
As you said…it’s complex.”
I said, standing up, leaving a diamond on the counter.
“You shall find love, true one, the kind that makes both your heart, mind and your lady parts happy.
I giggled, disappearing.
I had enough of wandering the mortal realm…
Time to get back at being chased by other gods, while I spread the proper love across the universe.
I enjoy the bodily show of affection, and if by taking more of it upon me, I let the universe experience a deeper love, well it’s a win-win ¬…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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