A simple choice

I was hit by a flying car.
Who thinks of “Oh this is in an experimental stage, let’s test it in the middle of the city?”, is a good idea?
I just managed to finally get myself contracted.
Now, I am in an endlessly extending highway, surrounded by darkness, with some occasional sparks lighting up all around me.
It was pretty obvious where I was.
And a few minutes, moments or an eternity later, my guess proved to be exactly how I thought it.
I was in Hell.
As the Gates of Hell opened in front of me, and some demons screeched at me, the heat, the light, the smell of iron, and fire hit me.
Closing my eyes, I felt a strong breeze, and when I came to my senses, I was kneeling in front of a flight of stairs that led up to a humongous throne.
On it, the Devil sat leisurely.
“So, another day, another soul.
Tell me human, do you want to be tortured or torture others?”
It asked.
“You personally ask each soul, something like that?”
I asked.
“I can be everywhere at the same time, why shouldn’t I do it then?
Eternity gets boring.”
It shrugged.
“Now answer.”
The Devil continued.
Was this a test?
But I already was in Hell…
And I am pretty sure I ate some ash, since it totally got into my mouth…
I sighed.
“Is it for eternity?”
I asked.
The devil just rolled its eyes.
I guess I asked the obvious.
I sighed once more.
“Torture me.
After all, if I ended up here, I deserve it.”
I said.
This elicited a smile from the Devil.
“Oh, aren’t you afraid?”
It asked.
“Terrified, I am shaking, if you can’t see it already, but frankly, I can’t see myself hitting, stabbing or doing nasty stuff to others.
So I guess, this wasn’t even a choice from the beginning.”
I said.
The Devil boomed in laughter.
I was afraid.
Shivering, and almost crying, but I held it together.
There was no point in giving in so fast.
“A simple choice is given to a soul.
Yet that choice is not a choice, but a test, for a soul’s journey defines it.
Thus We know the moment you die, what kind of soul you have.
Alas, change can happen at the last minute, so the test is needed.
Go, mortal with no choice, you earned your reward.”
It said, as I was whisked away.
Looking around, I was on a flight of stairs, amongst the clouds.
Above me, singing could be heard, and a silver shine attracted my gaze…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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