The king’s cursed reign

It was but three days after my coronation.
Only, three goddamn days.
I haven’t had time to design my imperial seal, to have a proper cabinet meeting, because…
Because my subjects started disappearing.
And no, it wasn’t because they hated me, thus they sneakily ran away.
They slowly disappeared from existence.
Some…right in front of my eyes.
I don’t know how, why, or where they went or even if they were alive, but they disappeared.
But there was a pattern to be found there.
Only purebloods disappeared.
Be it humans, elves, dwarves and so on, only the purebloods disappeared.
And again, when I say pureblood, I don’t mean 100% elf or anything else, we know very well that bloodlines are complicated, and everyone has multiple ones hidden deep within them.
By purebloods, I mean those whose both parents were of the same race.
Thankfully, the halfbreeds were still here, and fortunately, decades of my work as the crown prince were focused on them, so they won’t antagonize me.
Just as I was thinking that, countless people rushed into the throne room.
“Your Majesty, has calamity descended upon our world again?”
An elderly half-elf asked.
Obviously, he was the leader of this group of people.
“I recall that I have appointed you as the Head healer of a branch of our Imperial Physicians Guild, back when I was the Crown Prince, am I right?”
I asked.
He nodded.
“That day was the day my fate changed, Your Majesty.
Please, let us help you…if we can.”
He said.
“I will need all the help I can get, but…
This is a great calamity, my dear subjects, I don’t know how many of us will survive.”
I sighed.
They disappeared, but it’s not like our lands are afflicted by blight, or by natural calamities.
Nor are we attacked, as we heard news that this happened in other places as well.”
Another subject of mine said.
I sighed.
“You are masters of your professions.
Teachers, physicians, farmers, warriors, blacksmiths, alchemists and more.
Yet, do you dare to say that you know as much if not more than the purebloods did?”
I asked.
They stood in silence, lowering their heads.
“It’s their fault, and at the same it is not.
They have inherent advantages, that they never hesitated to use against you.
Too much knowledge was in their hands…
Many things will be lost in the following years.”
I said.
“Your Majesty..
I have a questions that deserves capital punishment…
But I need to ask it…
How…How are you still here?”
The half-elf asked.
I sighed.
“I was born due to my late father’s powers, not seed or blood.
I am considered a pureblood, yet I am more like a creation of energy, and deep understanding of the laws of the world, rather than a traditional living being.”
I said.
They all gasped.
“But your mother…”
They murmured.
“She disappeared this morning.
She gave birth to me, but she was still untouched by a man even to this day.
If you really want to now.”
I said.
They said nothing, but just lowered their head.
“Prepare the city for a huge amount of refugees.
Half-elves, half-spirits, focus on creating quick growing, high nutritional value crops, and herbs.
Half-draconians, half-dwarves, prepare weapons, underground hiding spots, and reinforce our walls.
Everyone else, go and help my Prime Minister, and other aides I have sent to collect the scrolls the purebloods have.
We must save as much knowledge as we can.
This king’s reign might be cursed, but I won’t allow myself to shame my ancestors, and have our civilization end in my hands…”
I said, standing up, prepared to start working myself as well…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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