A smart demon

Hell and our realm has long been connected, and aeons ago, we finally made “peace”.
Well, this “peace” is actually the acknowledgment that we can’t eradicate them, can’t close the link that connects the two place, but also the acknowledgment, that they too, can’t conquer us, eradicate us.
Thus, from ages past, demons are like just a simple other race of our realm.
But nonetheless, demons aren’t from our realm, so they need sustenance of a special kind in order to remain in ours, to remain stable and corporeal.
And that is emotions and souls.
Whilst some, extremely rebellious, and dangerous demons still consume souls, due to the agreement between the two sides, most demons consume emotions.
Love, hatred, sadness and so on are what keeps the demons here.
Thus, demons love cities, and often they couple either platonically or romantically with those of us that are native to our realm, in order to leech off of our emotions.
But I dare to say that the fellow demon who is living with me, she is the smartest demon, that understood the assignment perfectly.
Just as I was writing down this, a finger ran down my back.
I screamed.
“The hell!”
I shouted, turning around.
And there she was, the demon living with me.
Tall, with pale red skin, and two golden horns.
Her body was a treasure, I am not going to lie, but that personality of hers…
You screamed like a little girl!
Oh god, man, you are  a man aren’t you?”
She laughed.
I sighed.
“Hey boy…
Want to have some fun?”
She suddenly changed tone, pushing her body onto mine, lifting my chin.
I pushed her away.
“You got into a feeding frenzy again, Morate?
Seriously, how come you are most likely the strongest demon in this realm due to your innovative feeding procedure, yet it seems like it makes you dumber and dumber by the second?”
I said, as something covered my face.
It was her dress.
I didn’t take it off, as I knew that what I would see, would be hard to resist.
“Careful human, I can kill you with a snap of my fingers!”
She growled.
Great, another personality.
I turned around, continuing to write.
Indeed, this is the reason I think she’s the smartest of the demon bunch.
Theoretically, demons can feed off of a single emotion.
Okay, if they are attuned to Love, they might be able to feed off love induced secondary emotions, but that wouldn’t be that filling.
“Hey, stop pulling at my pants, I need to finish writing this.”
I said.
She just purred, rubbing herself on my back.
I sighed.
I shouldn’t have turned my back to her…but facing her would have been more dangerous, when she’s this…turned on.
“Oh come on, please, it’s not like we haven’t done it already…”
She said, slurring her words.
Well, this is the side-effect of her brilliance.
She split her soul, thus creating split-personalities.
Each are being healed, and nurtured, by a different emotion.
And she chose the seven deadly sins plus depression, as she saw it as an undying emotion that never leaves a human once it was infected by it.
So, when she fed upon the Greed, Sloth of someone, the other souls are getting hungrier as well, and that’s when they appear.
Now, it seems as if Lust and Wrath are the leaders, as she starts to…
Okay, she just ripped my clothes.
She’s getting aggressive.
That’s it for my account of her method of becoming the strongest and smartest demon.
Now if you excuse me…we will be busy…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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