The kingdom of the Witches

In a forest hidden between ancient mountain peaks, a legion of witch-hunters were advancing with great difficulty.
The terrain was against them, the environment was against them, the flora and fauna was against them, and even the weather, which turned messier and messier by the second, was against them.
“ This must be witchcraft!
The devil’s whores are afraid now that we are so close to them!”
A witch-hunter cursed.
The others started to speak out in agreement, but the witch-hunter general stopped them.
Turning around, looking at the one who cursed he shook his head.
“That is not the language of the Lord, brother.
Your will has been tainted by those we hunt, I am sorry, but you shall find peace in the loving arms of the Lord.”
He said.
The witch-hunter who cursed tried to speak up, but his head flew high, as those around decapitated him.
The general just nodded, and started walking forward once more.
“Brothers, we might be hunting abominations, but don’t forget that we are faithful servants of the Lord.
Such foul language, cruelty and violence are not of our ways.
And remember!
Whilst some witches might be devil born, some of them were once the children of the Lord, whom now are bewitched, tempted and corrupted by the evil ways.
Using such words to describe them is not how we deal.”
The general said, as prayers started to be chanted.
But the prayers were abruptly stopped, as a giggle echoed around the legion.
Before any weapon was unsheathed, the legion disappeared from the forest, and the songs of the birds, insects could be heard again.
The general grasped at his belt, trying to grab his sword, dagger or mace, but he found nothing at it.
Looking around, he found himself in a seemingly endless hall, filled with light.
“Little witch-hunter, come, the one who you seek is right in front of you.”
A voice giggled, and the general looked ahead.
There a flight of stairs rose, leading up to a throne.
Walking up, he finally faced the one who spoke to him.
A young woman, with long silver hair, sandy skin, and red and royal blue tattoos on her beautiful body.
See-through material covered her breasts and the area between her legs, as she sat across the humongous throne.
Her heterochromatic eyes narrowed when the general ascended the stairs.
“Welcome, general.
I greet you, in our humble kingdom’s palace.”
She said, in a sweet voice.
“Queen of the witches, I have come to bring retribution to this kingdom of yours.
Release my fellow brothers, and prepare to face the Lord.”
He said.
But the Witch Queens response caught him unprepared.
She stood up, as she closed in, her body swaying, a smile on her face.
She conjured a dagger, which startled the general, but she held it out, handle first, towards him.
“Sure, take this, and kill me, and your fellow hunters will be free.
Kill me…if you dare.”
She said, her voice seductive, her fingers dancing on the general’s body.
But he was unmoved, the dagger swiftly pushed into the chest of the witch.
He sighed, but then, the giggles of the Queen started anew.
The general looked down, and from between his hands, butterflies appeared, flying away.
He took a step back, but the witch Queen rushed forward, cupping her breasts, with his hands.
“Does this flesh seem decayed?
Filled with maggots, and worms?
Does it lack warmth?
Tell me, is it any different from the flesh of the many woman you, and your brethren enjoyed?”
She asked.
The general struggled to freedom, but he could still feel the lingering heat, and he didn’t know if it was because of magic, because of the heat in this palace he was in…or because of her…
“Silence, spawn of the devil.
Your spells are an affront to anything holy!
You dabble with diseases, blood and curses, bringing death to the realm!
Is it wrong to desire peace for my fellow humans?!”
He shouted.
At this, laughter resounded, as many more witches appeared from the shadows.
Each a beauty on their own right, only eclipsed by the Queen herself.
“Sisters, tell him, what do we study?”
The Queen shouted.
“Other realms.”
“Blood, body and soul connection.”
Were the words shouted by the witches.
“Why do we study them?!”
The Queen shouted again.
“To understand them!”
“To cure them!”
“To visit them!”
“To better them!”
Were the answers.
“The diseases you consider unholy, and untreatable, are mere challenges in our eyes.
We don’t give up, and burn everybody who is diseased.”
The Queen said.
“You claim to be omnipotent?
To be able to cure every disease and all ailments?!”
The general shouted.
“No, but if we can’t cure it, a mix of herbs can give one enough time to say goodbye to the loved ones.
And another mix can give a painless death…
Why the need to be burned, when contamination can be stopped by a simple bath in the correct medicine…”
The Queen sighed.
The general snorted.
“You play in the domain of God, of the Lord, and you still want to be considered righteous?
There is no saving your kind.
Kill me, and let’s be done with this.”
The general said.
“Oh no, we don’t want to be God or godlike, we just want peace, and time to study, and to help others.
My sisters saved more than your organization have, and we are culled and killed, because we require no worship in exchange of our herbs, but only gold.
And don’t worry, you won’t die.”
She giggled.
The general wanted to say something, but suddenly he lost strength to even stand.
“You see, we witches are all women…
So, we need you gentlemen’s help with our future generation…
Don’t worry, I assure you that there is not a single “hag” around here, right sisters?”
The queen laughed, as the other witches joined in, as the general was dragged away, locked in a room just like the other witch-hunter, and men who stumbled upon the kingdom of the Witches.
They were lucky or unlucky, as the many residents will be using them for their seed, in order to birth the next generation…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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