Walking Black Hole

Kali’s life was not a drama, nor a tragedy, nor a comedy.
It was apocalypse itself.
At her birth, her innate constitution killed all the life in the vicinity, meaning both her parents, the midwife that came to help in her birth, and two of the beasts that were the family’s pets.
She was born in the middle of nowhere, as the family was out hunting, at their own estate, so little baby Kali was left all alone.
Ironically, her constitution killed everyone by absorbing them, thus giving Kali the needed nutrients to survive.
She was all by herself until she turned 5 years old, when finally an elderly man came knocking on the door.
As soon as he opened the door, a terrible stench hit him.
The room looked clean, but Kali’s body was releasing an impossible odour, as if she constantly bathed in terrible materials.
The man started to approach her, but when he got in her proximity, he started to feel something pull his life energy out of him.
He sighed, and the pulling force stopped affecting him.
He took out a soap bar, and some clothes, throwing it to Kali, who was sitting naked on a chair.
“I am your grandpa.
I am sorry that until I came back, nobody from the clan was curious about you, or your family.”
He said, patting Kali’s head.
Kali just stared at him with her deep blue eyes.
Her black hair was long and messy, but it was clear that she understood him.
“I know you can’t talk yet, but you will learn quickly.
Take a bath, and dress up, I will wait for you.
Or if you can’t do it alone, I can help.”
He said.
“No need, and my stench comes from the impurities deep in my body…
I will need pure energy to eliminate them, as I have been absorbing them for 3 years, and in these 2 years, I had no luck in hunting a strong enough beast.”
Kali suddenly said, in a mellow, yet cold voice.
I am sorry.”
Her grandpa said, the humongous figure shivering a bit, and tearing up.
He knew how she was able to talk…
He knew that when she absorbed those around her, she slowly gained their powers as well…
Kali said nothing, but simply walked into another room, and soon water splashing could be heard.
At this the old man smiled.
“She can more or less control it already…”
He murmured, as he watched the patch of ground in the middle of the wooden floor of the house.
Coming out of the room, that supposedly is a bath room, Kali looked like a little princess.
In a pristine white dress, and blood red shoes, she seemed so precious.
Her big, deep blue eyes blinked at her grandpa.
“Where do you want to take me?
I prefer…loneliness.”
She said.
Her grandpa hugged her.
“I know someone who can teach you…
And you will live a full life.
They would want the same thing…they would want you to be happy…”
He said.
At this, Kali whom was like a doll, without emotions, started to tear up.
But even now, when she was finally able to rely on someone, she didn’t dare to ease up her control over herself…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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