Cradled by Life

My life started out harsh.
My mom…
She didn’t make it pass my birth.
I grew up with my dad breaking his back in order to raise me properly.
Thankfully, he had help from my grandparents, but still, I could see it.
He missed mom so much.
I felt bad.
Not just because I saw dad smiling at me, bringing books, toys, and games for me, and new clothes, my favorite food, and fruits, while he was wearing raggedy clothes, and working two jobs.
Which was interesting, as one of his jobs was that of a programmer, and he was good, making good money, whilst the other…was a farmer…on my grandparents’ farm.
But I felt bad because…
I didn’t feel bad because of mom.
Felt weird, I want to know about her, but that’s it.
My dad, my grandparents, they all dance around me, trying to make sure I am not traumatized, by growing up in a single parent household.
But I felt lucky.
No matter how cruel, or ungrateful that might sound, I felt lucky, and I was grateful for the life I had.
I had a smooth sailing life.
Whatever I tried to accomplish, I managed to do so.
People I wanted to befriend?
I easily befriended.
Girls I wanted to woo?
Easily did so.
Jobs I applied to?
Accepted to all of them.
My father’s business and my grandparents’ farm also flourished.
We all were also quite healthy, rarely getting ill.
My grandpa always bragged that this is due to eating proper vegetables, and properly grown fowl meat, but…
But I always felt that this was something else.
I heard the stories about mom.
How she and dad met at a volunteering gig, and how she was this angel walking on Earth.
She was a businesswoman, and a great painter, making big bucks in her mid-20s already, and she was donating the majority of it, for researches.
I think…
I think she was taken away too fast, against Fate’s dealings, against Life’s wishes and now…
And now my family and I…
We were being cradled by Life as a compensation…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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