Cultivation and science meet

Atop a lone star, in a newly born system, where the primordial dust, and the forces of the universe have just begun creating new planets, two sparks of light were floating.
But, at a closer look, the two sparks were actually two individual figures.
One of the figures was a neatly dressed man, standing atop a small floating disk, surrounded by sparks of electricity.
The other one was a tall woman, simply floating above the planet by herself, wearing the bare minimum of clothing.
“Interesting, you are truly able to travel through space with your bare body.”
The man said, examining the woman.
“Your disk is quite marvelous as well, it feels like it can actually endanger me, so it’s not a simple travelling device.
Also, I never thought I would say this, but I would rather have you eye me lustfully, than eyeing me as if I was a subject to be dissected and examined.”
The woman said, laughing slightly.
“Sorry, but it’s my civilization’s way of doing things.
Research over research, scientific breakthroughs are our ultimate goal.”
The man said.
The woman nodded.
“I understand, pursuing the Dao, is admirable, so, shall we begin our dharma debate?”
She asked.
“Simply calling it a debate would be enough, Lady Stars, albeit I do wonder…
How will you make me understand magic, spirituality and Dao, since my civilization’s approach of evolution is completely different.”
The man said, eyeing the woman.
At this, the woman giggled.
“There it is, the lust filled gaze, finally I know you are flesh and blood, and not some mechanical device!”
She said.
The man shrugged.
“Not my fault you decided to come essentially naked.”
He said.
“True, albeit, I find this attire comfortable, and I indeed am proud of my assets.
Now, about magic, spiritual energy and the Dao… you pursue it all the same, just through a different lens.”
She said.
“Science is a factual and detailed base field, each of our advancements is cemented in countless trials before spread.
From what you said, you feel the world around you, and through different movements and breathing patterns, you absorb energy from around you.
I find it impractical, to be honest.”
He said.
“Ancestors worked for centuries, and died for these methods to be created.
I think that is enough trial and error, before it is “cemented” and spread.
Also, from our previous discussions, your current body is attained through proper training and nutrition.
With what is that different from what we have been doing for millions of years already?”
She smirked.
The man nodded.
“I apologize, please, continue.”
He said.
“Well, energy is all around us, but not all universes, nor all planets are able to produce or to keep it stable in enough quantity and at a high enough quality for it to be useable by living beings.
Thus cultivation is extremely stringent with its requirements, and it is not widespread.
But seeing how the universe is almost endless, there are still almost an infinite number of civilizations.
Mine specifically, lives in a rich environment, filled with conflicts.
We hone our minds, souls and bodies with the energy all around us, the energy in the things we eat, drink, bathe in, in order to enhance ourselves.
At this point, one single cell of mine, is like a core of a type 4 golem of yours, from the papers you have sent me.”
She said.
The man pondered.
“I am happy that such a beautiful and smart lady is the recipient of my messages.
Our two civilizations are allied, but it’s only the beginning.
Indeed, I have studied the drop of blood of a beast, you have sent me.
That droplet of blood was able to fuel my ship for three days.
Seeing how my ship is travelling at an average of one fifth of the speed of light, that is extremely impressive.”
He said.
The woman puffed her chest.
“I know, but our methods of research depend too much on ourselves, whilst you have machines that can surpass our meticulousness, accuracy and patience.
Cultivation and science meet, let’s see what will be birthed by it.”
She said, extending her hand.
The man laughed, and shook it.
This is how the first step to blend the two civilizations began…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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