How do I return…this?

I was walking the grounds of Earth, once more.
A contract ripened, and a soul was ready to be taken.
Soon, I arrived at the spot we decided to meet at.
An abandoned amusement park.
Humanity has a lot of abandoned places, it’s weird, seeing how they reproduce so freely, yet they don’t fight for territories as we demons do.
It seems I wasn’t the impatient one.
At the House of Terrors, stood waiting a beautiful woman.
Aged has touched her, but it only made her beauty even more abstract, untouchable.
She had the air of mystery, of perpetual beauty around her, as if even as a wrinkly old woman, she would still be the most beautiful.
And that was her wish.
She would gain the attention of anyone anywhere with her appearance, no other could be compared to her in beauty. (with a small clause that I couldn’t assure her that nobody else will ask for the same thing from a higher ranking demon.)
I sighed.
She was truly a beauty, still is, reminds me of the hermit succubi from Hell.
Succubi that leave the protection of their tribes, protection of their enterprises such as brothels, restaurants and hotels, and use their beauty for their own goals.
Most of them get married to powerful demons, and become the main wife, which is a hard thing for a succubi.
But now, such a human woman was smiling at me, her eyes losing light by the minute.
The soul transference process is automatic, as soon as the contract’s deadline is due.
“Lady Helena, a pleasure to see you once again.
I see that indeed, your beauty knows not of what age is.”
I said, kissing her hand.
She just giggled.
“Demon, your powers are what helped me look like this.”
She retorted, but her eyes were smiling.
“My powers are just prolonging and preserving what was already there.”
I said, making her smile widely.
But her eyes were starting to grey, and her body became less relaxed, slightly stiff, her smile disappearing.
Her soul was living, but she shall live to 80 years of age, but without a soul, that is no life, for no emotions will dwell within her anymore.
“I will truly not be able to feel?”
She asked, as a faint light started to seep out of her body.
“Emotions won’t come to you anymore, but sadly, pain and cold will be felt.
After all, it is your soul that shall be taken, not your nerves.”
I said, as the light started gathering in the palm of my hand.
“So, I won’t be able to enjoy the heat of a body?
The joys of carnal pleasures?
The joys of toying with men and women?”
She asked.
“Not in its true sense, no.
But you shall be able to fake it, for your memories of it won’t be lost, maybe they will even get strengthened.”
I said, with a wry smile.
“I gained more connections and power, than others in dozens of generations, in but a decade.
Alas, I enjoyed it until now, and shall live it out anyway, what I said I will do, I shall do.
I now paid my dues.”
She said, leaving.
Her body was slowly gaining back her natural elegance, but I knew…
I knew it was just muscle memory.
She smiled once more to me, but I could see it.
It was strained.
I sighed, looking at the ball of light, energy, and warmth in my hands.
It was a first for me, in my long life of demonhood.
“How do I return…this?”
I muttered, as the light flashed with the beautiful figure of the woman it belonged to…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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