Vampires are…bad?

I just got my first mission.
A few months after finishing the training, I was assigned to Romania, to a veteran hunter, to help him in the fight against the creatures of the night.
And today is the day I meet him.
In a city that is rather medieval-ish, I am waiting in a small café.
The people are extremely friendly, and shrewd.
If I hadn’t had a natural resting bitch face, I might have been schemed by a few times by this time.
I have been waiting for two hours, and yet, nobody appeared.
Just then, a smiling old man sat down in front of me.
He had grey hair, and was quite rugged, yet had such a warm smile, and gaze.
“Lass, you sure chose the wrong profession.
With such a face, and body, you could have caught a rich fella, and live a happy life.”
He said.
I knew he was the senior I was to work under.
“Sir, nice to meet you.
But I beg your pardon, no need to treat me as a weakling.”
I said.
“You kids with this new belief that we men think women are weak.
For all gods’ sake, I know for sure that a wizard, werewolf and a vampire is much easier to be dealt with, than a couple of unruly children.
After all, I raised a few.”
He chuckled.
I blushed a bit due to embarrassment, yet, what he said was clearly demeaning my abilities.
“Before you continue your polite retort, young lass.
I don’t know of your skills yet, but since you graduated top of your class, you shouldn’t be too shabby, in terms of talents, only lacking experience.
Nonetheless, I stand behind what I said.
You would have done yourself a service to become a housewife.”
He said.
I frowned.
“Even housewives can be killed.”
I said.
“Yes, they can, and I know your background, and I hope you lived a full-life for their sake, not one eaten away by revenge.”
He continued, as he enjoyed a coffee he ordered who knows when.
“You think that is possible?”
I asked.
“Oh yes, a lot of work, and struggle, but one can get over the tragedy.
If not, it’s not a problem, but it would be good for you to have other motivations as well, not just pure revenge.
Also, I heard you play the harp, and you had friends, so I don’t have to worry that this job is your only life.”
He chuckled.
He knew too much about me…
“Come, today you will have to learn the first thing about the creatures of the night.”
He said, paying the bill.
I followed him, as he walked rather quickly for an old man.
And damn, was he tall and bulky.
“Sir, what is this first lesson?”
I asked.
“They are intelligent, and they are quite similar to us.”
He said.
“Yes, cunning, deceitful, scheming and most importantly they know our weaknesses, while they are much stronger, and have supernatural abilities or traits.”
I nodded.
“Yeah, that too, but what I mean is that not all of them are evil.”
He said, as we walked into a small, dark alley.
The day started to turn into night anyway at this point, so everything turned even darker.
I gulped.
We stopped at the back entrance of a small brothel.
How did I know it was a brothel?
It was obvious.
I started.
“This is a feeding den for vampires.”
He said pushing open the door.
Inside, what greeted me was the smell of wine, strong liquor, cigarette smoke, cheap perfume and blood.
The room was extremely spacious, filled with armchairs, and couches, filled with men and women in a…less than completely aware state.
Vampires in either extremely slutty costumes or normal suits were walking here and there, taking care of the men and women.
“Father Jeremiah!
Came to check up on us again?
Tsk-tsk, no trust gained with those wines?”
A vampire lady said, giggling.
My senior just chuckled.
“I am just showing this side of your society, to my new disciple.
Valentina, meet Lady Rouge, the madam of this fine establishment.”
Senior Jeremiah said.
“Young one, welcome, if you seek to fulfill your desires, you came to the right place!
Here, in exchange for a reasonable amount of blood, you can get foods, drinks and even some rare ingredients that you wouldn’t be able to find in a human establishment!”
The vampire laughed, as she checked me up and down, before tsk-ing.
“You have such a good body, but that garment of yours…
Pants, a tight t-shirt, and bound breasts…
It’s such a crime against fashion!”
She said.
I just snorted, but didn’t retort, looking towards Senior Jeremiah.
“The vampire’s spice everything here with a trace amount of their blood.
Whilst I can see your frown, and understand it, as it does make it slightly addictive, it also cures most normal and even slightly severe ailments.
And those who came to places like this, sorry Rouge, would visit the human equivalent of it anyway.
This way, at least they also get slightly healthier.”
Senior Jeremiah said.
I wanted to agree, but suddenly a man took a vampire, and started undressing her, loud laughter, and moaning ensuing.
I snorted leaving.
“So innocent, bye Valentina!”
Lady Rouge said, as I stormed out.
Senior Jeremiah easily caught up to me.
“This is what you wanted to show me?
That there are “good” vampires?”
I asked.
“We have vampires in the Order, lass, and you know it.
The academy teaches only the darkside of the war against these creatures, but as I said…
They are intelligent, don’t take them to be just mindless beasts, monsters.
This was my first lesson.
Second lesson, see their dark side.
Come, I will take you to a vampire nest, that has a darker version of the feeding den…”
He said, his steps leading towards the exit of the town.
I sighed, and followed him.
I heard rumors about him, but this…it seems his views are even more eccentric than I expected…

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