First born of Fate

I am Secret, first born of Fate’s with reality.
Be it the universe,  the void, the living or dead, all have secrets, and I am their listener, their keeper.
Through me their secrets flow, and through me are they born, solidified and controlled.
During the eons of existence, I had heard countless secrets, and more are yet to come.
Most secrets are just listened by me.
Some are brewed by me.
Others are clarified by me.
And some need to be spread by me.
Not all secrets are of the same nature.
Some are silly ones, born out of the guilt and misconceptions of the bearer.
Some are instinctual, born out of the innate reaction of preservation of each individual.
Some are righteous, born out of the desire to protect, to shield.
Some are insidious, born out of the desire to scheme, to trick, to hurt.
Secrets might seem simple to mortals, and immortals alike, alluring veils hiding the truth, but secrets are always more than they seem.
But I can’t be just a keeper.
Some secrets need to be told, and in a way whispered to the ears of people, so that actions are taken.
Have you ever heard of fate whispering that a calamity is coming?
Well, it’s not mom, it’s me who is whispering.
I am telling the right individuals, who have the right fate, that something is coming, and they should prepare.
No secret escapes me, even if it’s outside of this universe, as long as a thought is born concerning our reality, I will know it.
But today…
Today, a secret was brought by the tides of mother into my ears…
A secret that would shake all realities, not only ours…
This secret had to be dealt with, alongside with the ones who birthed it…
But nobody in our universe or others I can influence has the ability to do  so.
Thus for the second time since time immemorial, I shall make my move.
I don’t know when was the last time I used my powers actively.
I don’t know when was the last time I fought.
But I know that Time, Space, Death, Life and all the others have yet to forget it.
My existence is a secret, even amongst the very upper echelon of the universe.
Because I am the first born of Fate, and that, means a lot…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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