Sorcerer at the Academy

I was frankly, terrified.
I was a blood sorcerer, anything related to the body, and blood and cells in general came naturally to me.
It was an innate gift, any spell related to these fields was easy for me to master, and understanding into these fields again, came naturally, and quite easily.
But I needed more.
So I came to the most prominent wizard academy of our galaxy, and after acing the exam, now it was time for the interview with the Headmistress.
Entering her office, I found myself in a volcanic ashen plain, with a volcano still spewing ashes, and some molten rocks in the distance.
I was scared, and fascinated, and as I marveled at the sight, she appeared in my sight.
Gorgeous, a goddess of a woman, tall, lean, with fiery red hair, pale skin, and ashen grey lips.
She wore a tight golden suit, with a green tie, that might be a size too small, as it was glued to her glorious figure.
I gulped.
Young as she looked, I knew she was of my great-grandfathers generation.
“Sorcerers, always horny for the good genes.
If you had enough of your staring young one, let’s start with the interview.”
She giggled.
I chuckled awkwardly.
“Yes, ma’am.”
I said.
She sat down on a rock, and I did the same, even though it felt a bit too hot, I could control my blood to ensure my blood pressure, and in general my body functions normally.
“Nice control of your body, just as I have heard.
So tell me, since you have a straight path to demigodhood, with such a peculiar gift as blood and body magic, with which you are able to learn about your own body and cells, which are by no measure a lesser study than the study of the very universe, why…
Why do you want to enter a wizard academy?”
She asked, tilting her head.
My instincts were screaming both danger, and at the same time they told me I had to have her…
But I controlled myself.
“I am a sorcerer, and am limited to the field of my gift.
Whilst it’s a rare one, and an extremely strong one, thus I am thankful for fate to have been blessed, I need more.”
I said.
More power?
At one point you will be able to create life, take life, manipulate the very blood of others, and even maybe manipulate the electromagnetic waves thus essentially being able to control minds.
I have seen two other individuals such as you, and now they are wandering the universes.
So, what do you need?”
She asked.
“I need to understand the elements, the fundamental laws that govern our universe.
I need to understand the minerals, the ores, the rocks of creation.
I need to understand life from the microverse to the macroverse, be it flora or fauna…
I can’t do that on my own.”
I said.
“A sorcerer who doesn’t wish to push their power, by mindlessly using it and enhancing it?
You are in, sweetie.
And if you do well enough, I might even consider rewarding you…”
She said, tracing my body with her finger before, flicking my forehead.
I found myself in the academy, just before her office’s door.
Did I dream all of this?
I looked at my ashy clothes, and I knew it wasn’t a dream.
“So that was the Witch of Apocalypse…
I smiled, and left to finalize my enrolling.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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