How are you coping with immortality?

I was getting curious.
My entire life I trained hard, so I can become someone like my grandpa.
He, actually is the one who created the planet we are all living on.
He is a God of Life, with domain over forests, and its creatures.
It is considered a minor god, and there are countless of them, but nonetheless, he is a God.
Thus, he is immortal, and I am nigh-immortal from birth as well.
So, I got curious, what is it like to live so long.
Going up to grandpa, he was watering his garden.
“Ohoho! Little sprout! Been some time you visited me, how are you?
I can see that you aren’t slacking with your training!”
He said, hugging me.
I chuckled.
“With mom and dad watching over me, would it even be possible to slack?”
I said.
We laughed.
He went and brought out some iced-tea, and snacks, as we sat on the grass.
“So, what brings you here?”
He asked.
“I am getting stronger, while I look like this, and I am but a kid to you…
I am already 5 centuries old…
Grandpa…how are you coping with immortality? With eternal life?”
I asked.
He chuckled.
“You went to the lower mortal realm again, and read their stories, haven’t you?”
He asked.
I nodded.
“You do realize that from the get-go, this questions makes no sense, right, little sprout?”
He said, after a while.
“What do you mean?
They really have compelling story lines that show the descent into madness, due to an eternal life.
Loneliness, boredom, loss, grief and simply the idea of never dying, or being omnipotent, can drive them crazy.”
I said.
“ “them”, “they”, “their”, you use the right words, little sprout.
They are mortals, and not only are they mortals, they sadly can’t even embark on the road of cultivation…not yet, at the very least.
We on the other hand, are a higher realm, people here, even the mortals, have 5 times the lifespan of those you visited, little sprout.
How can you even begin to compare our mentality with theirs?”
He said, chuckling.
“But wouldn’t time still erode one’s will?”
I asked.
“Of course it would, but not as fast as in those novels.
I have read them as well, but they lack many, many background information.”
He said.
“Like what?
I found them pretty comprehensive, knowing that those mortals know not of the cultivation systems, and of the fact that the laws of the universe can be interacted with, not just studied.”
I said.
“Exactly that.
They lack the understanding of cultivation.
How can I get bored, if even after tens of thousands of millions of years, I still am learning new things on a daily basis?
How about the fact that I can travel the universe, and encounter new civilizations at each step?
How about the fact that the older I get, the stronger I become?”
He started.
I remained silent, but he continued.
“And let’s not forget, they know not about the afterlife.
They have religions, and speculations, but they don’t know, while we…we know.
If you are blessed enough, you might be chosen by a god to be reborn in their world, or maybe if you are even luckier, an overlord will reincarnate you in their universe.
Otherwise, reincarnation is random, or you might be able to live as a ghost, as a demon in Hell, as a holy being in some religious deity’s own plane of existence.
And only when your soul is completely gone, do you return to nothingness.
But they…they don’t know that…even the existence of the soul is considered a religious thought, and not a fact.”
He said, finishing.
“But the part of loss and grief…”
I started, before I already knew the answer.
“It’s part of life.
Long or short, little sprout.
It’s just those of us who live longer, say our goodbyes a few times more.”
He said.
I sighed.
It was foolish to even ask such a question.
After all, from the start…we weren’t mortals…
Why would I even think we would have the same perspective about immortality as them…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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