Healers are the greatest warriors

I was studying at the best academy of our planet.
The Sapientia Academy is a gathering place for scholars and individuals interested in all manners of information, facts, details and results of various fields.
From purely theoretical, to experimental and practical fields, all pursuits of knowledge can be attended here.
Be it a desire to learn a subject, or to master a technique, become a great scholar, or become a great warrior, mage or any other profession.
Here, at the academy, it’s possible.
But sadly, not all professions are seen as highly as the others.
Since the planet is humongous, many races inhabit it.
Thus conflict is unavoidable.
This is why professions that can help deter, or fight against others are the ones held in high regards.
I was a healer student at the academy.
And despite the fact that we were the 4th biggest faculty, after the mages, warriors, and alchemists, we were seen as…wastes.
Don’t get me wrong, people aren’t that stupid.
Commoners, merchants are thankful for our services, and the most skillful of us are seen as important assets, some people are even worshipping the best healers.
The people with true power still value those who can fight more.
After all, we can heal a lot of ailments, but bringing back the dead…that’s something we can’t do, whilst a strong guardian can stop enemies from killing our people.
I can understand the logic behind it, but still.
We are individuals, we as in healers, that study the body, the soul, the diseases, and the cures and treatments.
We aren’t that weak either.
So while I would understand that we have a lower popularity, this disdain I was subjected to until now…
It’s uncalled for.
But in recent months, I stumbled upon something.
The pathways for curing a simple fever are the same as the pathways for the soul cleaning exorcism procedure.
Also, the healing techniques we practice produce a spiritual energy that is so gentle and pure in nature, it is countering demonic and other alien infestations perfectly.
I tested, and tested, and tried and trained, then…
Then I went to the prison of the academy, and purged a demon.
It took me but a few minutes to do what a warrior or mage would have achieved after an arduous fight.
I showed my findings to the Dean of the Healer Faculty, and she just giggled.
“Healers are the greatest warriors against the armies of Hell, always have been, little one.”
She said.
“You knew?”
I asked.
“Why do you think we get so much funding?
Just because we saved so many rich fellas’ life?”
She continued giggling.
Indeed, that was my first thought.
“No, sweetie, we found out that Hell connected to our planet.
And we found out that healing can create the perfect energy that counters the hell miasma’s corruption, the demons’ poison, and it also hurts them really bad.”
She said.
I frowned.
What that demon did when I cast a healing spell on it…that was more than just “hurting really bad”.
I said nothing, and left.
If healers are really the greatest warriors…then why do they let us be stepped on by the others…
This is so unsettling…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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