Banned from Utopias

When humanity reached the intergalactic stage, it entered a slow yet quick development stage.
It gained access to so many technologies, resources, so many new cultures, and languages and possibilities.
And yet at the same time, each new research, each new technology had to be carefully examined, and approved by the intergalactic society, before humanity gained access to it.
And thus, while development was much faster than before, it was slowed down by this bureaucratic procedure.
Humanity blended in perfectly with the intergalactic community, but even then, there were several areas of development where certain items were banned and prohibited to them.
Surprisingly, the humans got no restrictions concerning military developments, and they were considered talents in that domain.
Their tendency to violence was acknowledged, but their cunningness, and flexibility in resolving conflicts was considered superior to it, thus no prohibitions were applied to this field.
On the other hand, a development field that was sought after by all races of the universe, and a field that was given to almost every single one of them, was banned and forever taken out of humanity’s reach.
Utopias were the dream of many fantasists, but in the intergalactic community they were real, and possible.
Extremely costly, needing serious terraforming of a planet, years of infrastructure development for both transportation, healthcare, education, research and development, and obviously, entertainment.
The building had to be self-sufficient, the food-supply unlimited, the healthcare universal, free and able to free one of all ailments.
This was all possible, but it was extremely costly, as it was joked in the circle of businessmen and merchants alike, that it’s easier to build a system of sister-planets, than to make a planet into an utopia.
But would a civilization that reached the intergalactic stage lack resources to at least create a single utopian planet?
Obviously not, but that doesn’t matter, for the intergalactic community prohibited the transferal of this knowledge to the humans.
Why, one might ask, would they prohibit something beneficial, and obviously with no potential of violence?
Well, because due to their intensive observation of humanity for all the other knowledge, and the intensive research of human history, they got to know something.
Humans do not fare well in a perfect environment.
Not once in their history were they able to have peace, or development for a long period of time, and anytime global peace was achieved, wild undercurrents started to appear, slowly disrupting it.
No human could enjoy a peaceful environment for too long.
They have to hunt, they have to work, they have to keep themselves busy.
There are, were and will be humans who visit utopian lands, but as of now, centuries into the relationships with the intergalactic community, no human was able to live for more than a few years on such planets.
When asked why, they always answer that it’s too boring, and too good.
As on utopian planets, working is mostly done once in a lifetime, as afterwards, the A.I. takes over, humans find it unbearable to just relax, and enjoy the environment.
They do cherish it, but in low doses.
Thus it was agreed that if humans would be able to make a planet of theirs a Utopia, then it would certainly lead to wars, and conflicts.
Even more than they already have.
Those, the utopias were banned for humanity, and surprisingly enough, besides some certain individuals, humanity as a whole accepted this decision.
Not only did they accept it, they even stated it was wise…for they knew their tendencies.
Humanity loves progress, loves innovation, and would go insane if they had nothing to fight for, nothing to fight against…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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