Guardian of Life

I was born out of a great tree, its age equal to that of the first ray of light touching the Holy ground.
I was named Viali, meaning Life, Health, and Nature.
With no one to talk to, but my fellow trees, and plants, I already knew my duty.
I had to protect the place I was born in.
The stars changed, and soon, things started to appear in the forest, later I learned they were animals, beasts.
I took care of them, leading them to the river, teaching them how to behave with each other.
They hunted each other, but in moderation.
I learnt all this from Life itself.
The sky and ground changed once more, and I grew, and so did the forest around, and soon being who were able to understand me appeared.
They called themselves Children of the Forest, or the Stars, and they have given themselves the name “elves”.
They said I am their goddess, great guardian of Primordial Forest, and I just smiled.
Finally, I had someone to talk to.
The elves developed quickly, and I soon had people to talk about Life, Nature and the great mysteries of all of it.
The forest grew as always, and it was good.
But then, the elves became worried.
They talked about other races appearing, left and right, and they were not one with nature.
I smiled, as Life told me, that this would happen, needed to happen, and it was normal.
And how Life told me this, I told the elves, to be calm, to be careful, and try to understand before thinking the unthinkable.
Alas, I was never good at understanding the living beings that told me they were “aware” and “wise” or filled with “wisdom”?
The elves were attacked as soon as they left the forest, caught and sold as something called “Slaves”.
They told me it was as if they were mere beasts for the other races.
I didn’t understand why it was a bad thing, to be called a beast, after all, beasts follow Life, and Nature’s way, but sensing the sadness and grief in these children I watched grow, I said nothing.
I smiled, and told them to come back, for nobody will hurt them under my protection.
And so they did.
The elves, came back to their ancestral lands, as they called the forest, and started developing even more.
My little sisters, others born out of trees just like me, helped the elves shape the trees to their needs, changed plants and herbs to be able to live off of them, and it was once again…all good.
Until one day, I heard the forest scream, as dark smoke rose from the edges.
The other races chased the elves back here, the elves told me that it was the humans, draconians and several demon species working together.
With a thought, I was at the source of fire, men and women, some looking almost like elves, others, completely different, torching the trees with great fire coming from alight sticks, and from their mouths, and their hands.
I sighed, and the wind that came out of my mouth blew out all the fire, both in the forest, or the ones that were held by the attackers.
As I touched the torched trees, a single tear drop fell, and it healed them.
Then, I caressed the bark of the hurt trees, and no more would fire hurt them.
With my home being safe once more, I looked ahead.
The humans, demons, draconians and whatever else race was there looked frightened at me.
I stood taller than them, for I was of a different time.
“Why have you all come to my home, to hurt my children, my sisters and brothers?
What is the reason for the wrath burning inside of you?
Life blessed us all to be, and to be together will be a blessing upon blessing.
Why the need for this conflict?”
I asked.
They stood, frozen, before raining attacks on me.
But Nature was on my side, so the wind moved their attacks, the ground split beneath them, the grass grew tall, shackling them, and myriad insects and other underground dwellers started attacking them.
I sighed, and ushered the grass, the ground and the wind ahead, sending them in a mission, to bring those attackers back to their homes.
The trees now were hardened, fire would do little against them, and the elves as well, were prepared, and hardened in will, to fight against others.
I abhorred violence, but as prey has to be hunted, it seems as fights need to be fought for Life is like that.
Afterwards, it was once again…good.
For decades we had peace, and soon elves actually started to make friends with the other races.
Well individuals, and some “kingdoms”? I think they called them, not the entirety of the others, but it was a start.
And it was good.
Life, as always, albeit harsh, and filled with trials, was good.
And then, Life was attacked.
I don’t know why, or how, but those who left the embrace of Life and returned to Nature, came back, but not as the living, but something between the living and the Dead.
Soon, our home was attacked, but we repelled them easily.
As Death counters Life, so does Life counter Death.
And I haven’t lived my life for nothing, I knew my strengths.
We fought, and thrived in the new Era, for we knew, Life will make a comeback, sooner or later, but the others weren’t as fortunate.
Hordes of refugees, crying children, men and women of all the races fled in all directions, many arriving at our doorstep.
The elves were divided, so were my sisters, brothers, spirits of the forest, and the beasts as well, at least those whom could talk.
Some wanted to help them, others wanted to drive them away.
But the decision was mine to make.
I wasn’t conflicted, and let them all in.
They were scared, terrified, weakened, and shaken.
Yes, indeed, they were enemies once, maybe are enemies, and will be our enemies once again.
But, they were of Life, living.
And I was the Guardian of Life, so it was my given duty to help them, protect them.
After all, I was Guardian of Life, not the Guardian of the Forest or Elves.
Thinking about this…
It might be time for me to leave, and make sure Life has a fair fight all over the planet…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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