Surrounded by the most dangerous individuals on the planet

My job is not easy.
But frankly, in a world of magic, gods, superpowers, and more, I doubt there is a job that can be considered easy.
If you aren’t careful enough, even just by being a cashier you might lose your life, albeit that is true in a normal society as well.
Albeit, my job put me a bit too close to powered individuals.
After all, I was a warden in the world’s biggest, and most secure prison for those with special identities.
Twelve wardens ruling over twelve sectors of the prison, alongside with three hundred thirty-three guards each.
Each of us is given a code name from the twelve Olympians, and I am Demeter, due to my powers, and affinities.
Thus I reign over a sector of prison that is a humongous forest, alongside with a plain, filled with dangerous beasts, and insects and even plants.
The prisoners themselves are given power dampeners, and they are left to fend for themselves in all the sectors of the prison, none of the prison being a normal looking one, with cells.
I personally enjoy my job.
Due to my powers, ever since I took over, the beasts are rather tame, taking care of the beasts, insects and plants does take roughly fifteen hours most days, but at least no prisoners has died ever since I am in charge.
They even managed to start creating small communities, and things seemed to go in a good direction.
All sectors all self-sufficient, and have products, and mine sells honey, fruits, and meat, all these being taken care by the prisoners, and transported by the guards.
I was having a barbecue with some of the leaders of the prisoners, when the alarms started blasting, and explosions rang out in the distance.
Shouts and sounds of fighting could be heard, but each sector was clearly divided, and strong barriers stood tall, stopping any attempts of crossovers, or jail breaks.
As I looked at one of the prisoners starting to grow a tail, and scales, he started chuckling as he stopped the process.
“The dampeners are shut-off, Demeter.”
He said, looking at me.
I shrugged, but the guards who insisted on accompanying me started to fuel their powers.
“Yet, I don’t seem to see any unrest around us.”
I said.
“Well, angering the Goddess of Harvest and Fertility, whilst living so close to the nature, is not a wise thing to do.”
The leaders laughed, and even some prisoners further away chuckled.
I giggled.
“I loathe violence, and that was the first thing I stopped, when I took over.”
I said.
“By literally sending tens of thousands of wolves, and other creatures into the already rather dangerous forest, taking complete control over it.”
They sighed.
“Well, is it my fault that my power allows me to talk to Mother Nature?”
I asked.
They all shook their heads, and we continued our barbecue.
Ten days later, the system was back on, the dampeners working.
All the other sectors took serious damage, but ours remained unscathed, some of my guards even leaving to help the others.
Chief Tartarus wanted to award me, but I refused.
I was constantly surrounded by the most dangerous individuals on this planet, as the roughest, toughest, strongest ones were sent to my sector.
It was already a reward enough for me to live here, with my family at that.
Good way to motivate my kids, and my husband is a writer, these people around us are the best source for inspiration.
And frankly, the little puppies are restless if I leave, and I don’t want them to start chewing on the prisoners…once again…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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