Necessity breaks customs

The planet is plagued by strife, and has been for as long as time has decided to bestow its presence to it.
Demons rose to the seat of Lords and Emperors, Queens and Empresses, uniting the many tribes of the demon race against the other inhabitants.
And the Gods, feeling pity for the mortals that worship them, sent chosen ones, Heroes in their aid, so that the humans, elves and dwarves fall not to the claws of the demons.
And it has been so for so many generations, that one might start to realize that it will never change.
Or so it might seem.
For now, in a grand hall atop of a both Holy and Unholy mountain, a seat of power of a once righteous God, taken over by a nefarious curse, a meeting is being held.
A meeting between this generation’s Hero and his entourage, and the current Empress of the demonfolk and her most trusted aides.
Such a thing was unheard of, as even in the worst ages, no truce has ever been held amongst the two sides, as the conflict is so deep seethed in their people, that it’s impossible to accept peace, unless one side wins.
It was almost as if the war between the two sides was already a custom, a tradition of the planet, and yet, here they were, peacefully sitting, and discussing.
“So, what are we going to do about him?”
The Sage asked.
She was the brain behind the Hero’s feats, one of the few individuals who could read the movement of the stars, and glimpse behind the veil of fate.
“I don’t know, but she’s using my sister as a goddamn fruit tree!
She took her, and planted her in his garden!
A Higher-General is being used as a plant!”
One of the Empresses’ aides exclaimed.
“He uses the Divine Tear Ores that we use as material for the Holy Swords, as decorations, and he is able to flatten them and use them as toothpicks…”
The Divine Blacksmith said.
“He saved my son, when he arrogantly waltzed into your territory, but then he uprooted an entire mountain from my backyard, because he fancied the trees, and animals that were growing in it…”
The Empress sighed, as she finally chimed in.
“He saved your son, which was quite the hit for our side, but then he cured several plagues, that we couldn’t do anything about…
I don’t know what’s going on with him…”
The Hero frowned, as he added.
“Is he truly omnipotent?”
A tall elephant demon folk asked.
“Almost, albeit I am much more proud of being charming, than omnipotent.
Omnipotent is too close to a word I wouldn’t want to be associated with.”
Suddenly, a voice laughed.
It was him.
The mysterious man who appeared and did whatever he wanted.
And nobody could stop him, not even the Hero and the Empress…not alone.
“Where are you!?
Show yourself!”
The Eye of the Stars shouted, as she readied her bow and arrows.
And as both the companions of the Hero, and the Empresses’ aides prepared for battle, the voice chuckled once more.
“I just saw the gathering of powerhouses, and wanted to check-in.
Do continue, please, I have an appointment with the sea folk, I heard they found a mutant!
The voice sounded, before quieting down.
They all waited for a while, before the Empress snorted.
“I am disgusted by these words I am about to say, but it’s no longer a question.
WE…We need to work together.”
She said.
The elves shall scout for his whereabouts and schedule, and I hope that your Cyclops, and underground demons will work with the dwarves to find an alloy that can hold him down.”
The Hero nodded.
The two parties agreed, and drafted a plan to work together, to stop the mysterious’s man’s ways…
Necessity broke down an ageless custom, and the demons and allies started to work together…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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