They sure didn’t bother to understand me

As I was surrounded by books, scrolls, and a mountain worth of paperwork, a knock was heard on my door.
I said, not really bothering to look who came in.
“Sir, we finally found it!
We finally found the reason for your immortality!”
The woman who came in shouted with great enthusiasm.
She was one of my maids, and close friends to be honest, but this time…
She seemed so childish.
“Isn’t that a known fact though, young one?
It’s a blessing, with which I managed to amass so much knowledge, about so many things, that even the most unscrupulous tyrant has to almost treat me nicely.”
I chuckled.
“Sir, with all due respect, what we found shows the exact opposite of this.
In a ruin unearthed in the far east, we found murals depicting a civilization, much like what yourself described as the one you were born in.
The tattoos on the individuals etched into the stone are similar to yours.”
She said.
“Oh, you found Elestera, good, I shall visit soon.”
I nodded, continuing to read about a new method to purify and transfuse blood.
“And there is a record, about a certain talented scholar, whom had such discoveries, that the gods felt threatened in their sovereignty…
Thus they cursed him to an eternal life, in which he will see the futility of his researches…”
She ended, with a solemn tone.
I laughed.
Loudly and clearly, confusing her.
“They sure didn’t bother to understand me…
Those fellas were quite the proud ones, yet they left, and I am still here.”
I said.
“But this passage means that your achievements will always amount to nothing in front of the great river of time…
Sir…you helped rise civilization for centuries, yet it’s true, you said it yourself, kingdom after kingdom, empire after empire, country after country…
After a certain amount of time, they all go to…nothing.”
She said.
“So what?
My researches’ utility remains standing.
Whatever disease I managed to find a cure for, whatever natural calamity I managed to understand and explain, remains so.
So why should I despair and suffer?
Especially since endless life means endless research opportunities.”
I said, gesturing to the pile of books, and papers.
“Yes Sir, indeed, your footsteps are scattered across the planet and history, but I presume the Gods’ wish was to have you see that in the end…
You shall remain alone, and no matter what advancements you usher in, they amount to nothing…”
She said.
“As I said, they didn’t bother to understand me.
I wasn’t trying to reach their status, and sure as hell I never dreamed of making something everlasting, as that would be childish.
We have proven in the west, that even gods, if they aren’t prepared, can fall.
Yet, my researches results are in, and for a limited amount of time, I can enjoy them.
Afterwards, I just go and create new things.”
I said, shrugging.
“According to the texts…
According to them, you shall outlive the planet, and maybe the universe…
And when alone, miserable in the void, in the nothingness…
The gods will reappear in front of you, and ask you if it was worth it.”
She murmured.
“And I shall ignore them, and wait so long, that nothingness turns once more into something, and I shall start anew with trying to understand all that is.
Thank you for the wonderful news, please, have yourself something from the treasury as a reward.
Have a good day.”
I said, as the lass left, quite baffled.
I chuckled to myself.
Those poor gods, I am driven simply by the fact of unearthing new perspectives, I don’t really need to see a result to them…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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