Mom? Dad? What?!

The Hero and his companions cut through the forces of the Demon Empire like a hot knife through butter, and soon arrived at the Imperial Palace.
The conflict was on-going for decades before this, if not for centuries with truces, but with the appearance of the Hero, everything turned into the favour of humans.
As the Hero and his party entered the palace, the party members were flabbergasted.
After all, they just used…the main entrance?
“Mom! Dad! I am home!”
The Hero shouted, as he entered the throne room of the palace.
The many demon princes and princesses, alongside with generals, ministers and obviously the Emperor and Empress, smiled and welcomed him.
His party on the other hand…froze.
“Mom? Dad? What!?”
Was what all of them thought.
The Hero, whom turned the battle of fate in humanity’s favor.
The one who saved so many humans, and felled so many demons…
Is the son of the Demon Emperor?!
These thoughts flashed through their mines, while cold sweat covered their backs.
“These are my friends! Treat them nicely!”
The Hero said, as more and more demons’ gaze turned to the companions.
As the companions started to pale under the pressure released by the high-ranking demons, the Hero came back, dragging the Empress by her dress’ hem.
She was towering over the companions, as she was a titan, a great demon species with unrivaled physical strength.
“See ? I told you that I can make friends!
Look, they even came with me, risking their lives!”
The Hero said.
“You…You fooled us!”
One of the companions couldn’t take it anymore.
But as soon as he raised his voice, the gazes of the surrounding demons silenced him.
“Fooled you?
No? I truly consider you my cherished friends.
Don’t worry, these fellas won’t dare to touch you, otherwise I will just kill them.”
The Hero smiled.
His cruelness, and directness was always evident, but since it was always targeted at the demons, it was seen as a good trait.
But now…
Now the companions realized, that he truly was that…that cold.
“Yes dear, you were right, you were right.
But did you have to kill four of our younger generals?”
The Empress giggled.
But her laughter was terrifying for the companions.
Those monsters…
Those almost unbeatable creatures were…young?
“They would have died anyway, so why not use them?
Also, who told them to act so childish, calling themselves “Heavenly”?
It’s absurd.”
The Hero scoffed.
The Empress just giggled, as she ordered a feast to be prepared.
The companions wanted to retort, but they simply…couldn’t…
With hearts full of fear, they followed their “friend”, hoping for the best…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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