What I say, won’t happen

It was such a pain in the ass to live in a world with superpowers.
Fights affect entire continents sometimes, a random individual can be a world shaking expert, and most importantly…
Some fools with space powers just had to connect, and contact other civilizations.
Because why not?
After all, our own civilization was shaky, and chaotic, why not muddy the water even more?
Goddamn kids, not using their heads at all.
It bothers me, because my power was used to be mocked.
Mostly because nobody really knew how it worked.
Was it a good lying skill?
A power that could hide facts?
A power that did nothing?
At first nobody knew what it actually did, thus my life was hell.
Slowly, I realized that if I said something concerning the future, it would happen exactly the opposite way.
Once I said that I will take out the trash, and my wife took it out, instantly, without remembering that I should have done it.
Once I said to my boss (I worked at an office job), that I will send him the reports, and the reports were suddenly not mine, but my colleagues.
Which was weird, since it was something I was working on for months.
Why was it so sudden?
Why didn’t I see these irregularities before?
I assumed my power was increasing gradually, the more I talked in the future tense.
So I did.
And oh boy, if you thought a bit about it, my power was overpowered.
Though, it had some limitations.
I couldn’t say: “The world will continue spinning even tomorrow”, and bam, tomorrow the planet just stops in place.
Well, I tried it with the existence of a rather violent group of villains, and it didn’t work, so I gathered that my powers aren’t well developed to affect them.
Concerning smaller things, such as tasks, shops, clerks and people in general around me?
And especially regarding small changes such as if they see me in a positive or negative way or so on, nothing too extreme or drastic, it did work.
And I used it.
Saying things like “We will never be friends”, to someone I wanted to befriend, just to have them become my best friends.
Or “I will never win the big prize”, and ending up winning it the very next time.
Slowly, I made use of my powers, all the while being labeled as a “Non-powered” or “non-useable powered” individual.
I amassed wealth, and connections, and by the time someone from the bigger leagues realized that it was unnatural, I was too strong.
Maybe not personally, but I made friends with the right individuals, and I made the right calls in the right place.
What I say, it won’t happen, and I said: “I will be caught”, thus I am still a free man…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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