Rewards of perseverance

As gunshots, and shouts, and explosions rang out on the street, I was busy making a medium-rare steak.
Wasn’t easy being the only chef in the restaurant.
Alas, what could I do?
Not even when offering a rather generous wage would anyone want to come work here.
After all, this part of the city is completely ruled by different mobs, gangs, and syndicates in general.
Why did I stay here though, if I was aware of this fact?
I was raised in this hellhole.
Hellhole as it is, it is mine, kind of feel like giving back a bit to it.
Even though it took more than it gave to me.
Because to be fair…
Some people became old timers in my restaurant, and they always praised, directly or indirectly my food, so I didn’t have the heart to leave.
Even today, on a goddamn cursed day, when the rain was pouring, the sky as dark as the sewers waste, I had my loyal dozen or so customers in.
I was happy, and content.
Even though they were often cursing, and joking around a bit too wildly, they did like my food.
And just as I was about to take the steak out to the table, a gunshot was heard in my restaurant.
“How many times have I told you…
Do not shoot in my restaurant!”
I exclaimed, exiting the kitchen, when I came face to face, with 3 younglings, pointing their guns at me.
I just chuckled, and looked at my regulars.
“Give us the money!”
They shouted.
“Shake that gun!”
One of the regulars shouted.
“You tell him, kiddo!”
Another whistled.
“Look, there is no money here.
I spend it on ingredients.”
I just shrugged.
The regulars all laughed.
Boss’ steak is the best!”
One said.
“No! The pizza is the best!”
Another argued.
“Fuck you both, his borsch is the best!”
Another chimed in, and they almost started fighting…again.
The younglings greeted their teeth, and wanted to shoot me, but they were knocked out from behind, by the goons of my regulars.
They quickly dragged them out, and one of them bowed to the clients.
“Sorry, bosses, we let them slip in.
Please enjoy your meal!”
He said, leaving.
I  just  chuckled.
“So, I shall go back, bring some wine.”
I said.
The regulars just continued chatting, not giving much attention to what I said.
It was good.
They were all leader leveled individuals.
These guys were my rewards for my perseverance…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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