So average, it’s a miracle

Our world was a normal, technological based one, yet it still held its customs, traditions close.
After all, we knew that creatures and gods alike did indeed exist.
But they were rare.
After all one needed a miracle to become a god, literally.
As always, miracles were connected to deities, and higher powers, and not for no reason.
If one achieved something that the world itself deemed as nigh-impossible, a miracle, then that individual, be it sentient or not, would ascend to godhood.
A mountain that survived the collision with a meteor that should have completely destroyed it?
It became a spirit god.
An ant that through some weird machinations of fate, managed to kill a bird?
Again, it became a beast god.
And so on and on.
And each deity or creature had a close relation to the miracle they have created.
In such a world, I was the epitome of average.
Average looks, average grades, average background, got an average job, and had an average life.
I had few friends, neither too good, nor too cold.
I had a beautiful girlfriend who I dearly loved, and who is as beautiful as the Goddess of Love and Beauty to me, but this will sound bad and wrong, but I know, objectively, she is also just as me.
Work, shop, rest, spend some time with friends and loved ones, work again.
Over and over again.
One day didn’t really differ from another.
And that’s how my life passed.
Until one day, as I was washing the dishes…something changed.
I could feel something change within me.
My skin shone violet, gold, royal blue and spring green.
I was slowly becoming taller, and a black goo was excreted by my skin, and instantly burned when it came in touch with the light.
I knew what this was.
As no matter how rare it was, ascension to higher life form status was recorded anyways.
But seriously me?
What the hell was I even doing?
Washing the dishes?
How on Earth could washing the dishes be considered a miracle?
How on Earth could my lifestyle ever cause something that could be even remotely be compared to a miracle?
What was happening?
And as the process was completing, I was able to gain a sense of the divinity I acquired.

I sighed.
It seems, I was so average, that it is considered a miracle.
And I gained lordship over the balance of the universe…
Well, balance is the nicer way to say average, so I shouldn’t be that surprised…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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