As I was watching the vessels leave this collapsing universe, and heading out, towards the void, towards survival and hope, I smiled.
My job here was done, and I could go towards a new one, where I might be able to relax a bit more than here.
After all, here was where my path of a good manipulator began.
As galaxy after galaxy crushed under the relentless shakes of gravity and space, memories started to flood me.
One of those galaxies, amongst the first ones to be destroyed, was the place I was born in, on a small planet, far away from the bustling life of cultivation and schemes, and so much more.
I never wanted to deal with others.
My parents were oddly enough hermits, both of them, obviously this was weird, as they had way too many books, and way too many information about so many things.
But I didn’t care.
We lived happily in the middle of a forest, rarely trading for some necessities with a village nearby.
It was such a blissful time.
My dad taught me body cultivation, mom taught me energy cultivation and soul cultivation.
It was always easy for me to learn things, and when I was 10, a tree appeared in my head, which by that time I knew was the representation of my soul.
I instantly knew it was something impressive, so I hid it, even from my parents.
And that’s when I managed to find a secret part of our house, where documents and books were hidden about my parents past.
They were actually the king and queen of a fallen kingdom, the entire kingdom was destroyed because a corrupted spirit stone lode was found, causing the kingdom to be overrun by demons and beasts…
Not only that, but the heart of the lode was beneath the imperial city, and that’s how the kingdom was able to raise its famous beast army…
And the presence of the lode was long hidden by the ancestors.
I realized that mom and dad were plotted against, and I cemented the belief that the outside world was just too chaotic.
Afterwards I cultivated even harder, in order to assure that we were safe…
Sadly, I was too slow, some enemies from my parents’ past found us.
In order to save me, dad stopped them, while mom and I ran away, but soon they caught up with us, and mom tossed me inside a spatial rift, with herself remaining behind.
“Take care, son, live a happy life.”
She said, as the rift closed.
Those were painful times.
I was 16, and all alone on a barren planet.
The winds were sharp, the air was slightly toxic, and the dust picked up by the wind hurt like a punch from father when he was tempering my body.
But I wasn’t hopeless, for the representation of my soul was growing steadily, and lo-and-behold, I could affect my surroundings with my techniques.
And due to my soul’s attributes, I could create water, and life out of rocks, and dust and maybe even nothing.
Thus I was able to transform what I found into small fruits, and water, assuring my survival.
I also managed to find several tribes in this wasteland, and I started guiding them.
If they are stronger, I don’t need to act at all, and that’s how all worked out.
I helped them, and they hunted, and gave me tributes.
But only a few of the more talented ones were chosen by me, and only those knew about me, for the rest, I was but a secretive entity.
That’s when I started spreading my webs.
My growth never stopped, and by the age of 20, the tree that was my soul’s representation grew to a towering height, and sprouted myriad colored leaves, resonating with my body, and starting to influence it.
I become stronger, healthier and more attuned to nature.
A year later I broke through, connecting directly with the Laws of Wood, and becoming a demi-god.
My breakthrough caused heavenly phenomena and the wasteland around me slowly turned into a lush forest, water sprouting from its deep underground hiding spot.
By that time, it wasn’t too much to say the tribes worshipped me, even though they haven’t really seen me.
But I didn’t step out, I felt that my parents ‘ choice of hermitage was correct, albeit late.
Thus I continued to just help here and there, and if I wanted something to be done, I would subtly hint at it.
And it would be done.
Years passed by, and the barren planet turned into a rich one, and many forces were connected to me, and yet they weren’t even sure I existed.
By the time I turned 50, I left the planet, with the same appearance I came, my cultivation never stopping from growing.
Now, I could even easily travel through space.
Planet after planet I visited, wanting to learn about its fauna and flora, and on each planet I had helped individuals, or left them some of my fruits.
The fruits were able to purify one’s body and soul, increasing talent and cultivation.
Soon, geniuses rose like weeds after rain.
I have been doing that for ages, and besides my wife, who was the only one I couldn’t escape from, nobody really knew about my existence.
But I saved galaxies, and the entire universe a couple of times, but I can’t lengthen its natural lifespan.
“Husband, are you done reminiscing?
Your soul might be able to extend the universe’s time, but not by much, it’s not worth it.”
A sweet voice sounded by my ear, but in reality my wife was in a completely different universe.
“I am coming, dear, I was just taking it the end of the universe, maybe soon, I will see its beginning.”
I chuckled, as I left, continuing my travels in another universe…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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